Eve Jobs Toaster The new model of the iPhone!!

A memes shared by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' daughter Eve Jobs regarding the recently launched Apple 14 series has led to hilarious reactions among many online platform customers. Once Apple released its iPhone 14 sequence on Wednesday, memes and trolls are trending about how comparable iPhone 13 and 14 options are within web platforms. Now, the meme shared by Steve Jobs' daughter has added gas to the stove.

The meme shared by Eve is a comparison between iPhone 13 and 14 referring to a person who is holding a shirt and intends to buy one that is exactly the same as the one they are holding. “I'm upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple announced 'At this moment' Find out the caption Eve shared on her Instagram story.

Here's a screenshot of her story:


Eve Jobs, born on July 9, 1998, is the youngest daughter of married couple Steve Jobs and Lauren Powell Jobs of their three children. 23 months outdated is someone who has been hunting for the similarities between the two diversifications.

A number of online customers took to Twitter to enjoy the different value by sharing promotional jokes of “kidney.” The initial value of the sequence that Newly launched is Rs. 79, 900. Professional fashions within the iPhone 14 series start at Rs. 1,29,000 and web customers are usually dissatisfied with Aple constantly increasing the value of their merchandise while not providing visually significant updates.

Take a look at a number of popular memes featured in the phishing launch iPhone 14 sequence:

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