‘Everyone expected me to become a doctor, but I came out here as an entrepreneur in Bihar’

The highway to a very good life was once via engineering or pharmacological research. I came from a small town in Bihar and was also expected to turn into a doctor, without even people asking me what exactly I wanted to do with my life; Our fate has been predetermined.

I don't even blame my father for that because of the lack of factories/industries and workplaces in Bihar. Therefore, individuals desire to get a fairly guaranteed job instead of taking a dangerous and uncertain path of entrepreneurship.

However, my need to excel in the organization has been strong all along. From a small town in Bihar, I arrived at Delhi College, promising my father that I would be along with the medical exams. In addition, I got a seat in dental faculty but decided to proceed with English diploma with honors. After my undergraduate studies, I chose to pursue MBA and got a proposal from Singapore.

Starting an Entrepreneurial Journey

My MBA Scholarship Singapore has a nice publicity, as it has allowed me to achieve many types of personalities from different industries and nations. I met people from underdeveloped countries, and we exchanged project concepts. Perhaps what struck me the most was that everyone wanted to go home and start a business.

Coming from a non-commercial background, I didn't have enough financial savings to spend money on a foundation or any experience. I got a job in Singapore after getting an MBA with a very good package, but in the back of my thoughts I knew all the time that I wanted to start a business (especially a manufacturing facility).

I planted the seeds in 2015 when I decided to start a goat cheese processing plant in Bihar, but one of my licenses was denied. So I could not fulfill my dream of starting a manufacturing facility at that time. I continued my work in Singapore, but this inner error of mine would not allow me to be at peace. Over time, I saved a very good amount of money.

In the future, I was sitting and looking at the skyline of Singapore and stated that the amazing buildings and infrastructure make any country look progressive and wonderful. I made a decision to go back to Bihar and start a cement manufacturing facility after that. However, opening a cement manufacturing facility was very capital intensive, so after further analysis, I assumed I might start manufacturing wall putty. I saved about 15,000 rupees from my job, half of which was invested in organizing equipment and the rest in start-up operating bills. Hence, she founded AKV wall putty company.

“Edits that frustrated me”

I wasted a strong column of Pillars of energy, and my greatest inspiration, my mum, while setting up the manufacturing facility in 2019. I had been feeling depressed and depressed for months after my mum died unexpectedly, and couldn't make much difference in my private or skilled life. I needed to dig into my finances to file the payroll and fulfill all of our obligations. The ups and downs are an integral part of any entrepreneur's journey, but you don't have to navigate them on your own. My father was the greatest champion and the most energy-saving one. Male-dominated Bihar market. In addition, younger ladies who operate such firms are somewhat unfamiliar with this trade. Through the efforts, we have transported more than 2,000 tons of wall putty all over the Japanese prefectures.

My life has been full of ups and downs. One problem after another happened, but I stuck to this quote all the time in my life “only the winner is the loser who tries again”.

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