“Food and Beverage companies must prioritize buyer hygiene considerations and develop more flexible business processes” Amit Janbouli, Food and Beverage Supervisor, Sahara Star

Amit Janbouli, Meals & Beverage Supervisor at Sahara Star Lodge thinks contemporary, bland, and healthy meals are the brand new portions. of the food and beverage business for the next decade. I met Asmita Mukherjee Ganbuli not long ago to find out about his future plans for his award-winning F&B options Resort Model.

Please let us know additional information about your dining venues How many manufacturers will you have, and what are their specializations?

The Desert Star houses 5 food and beverage factories such as The Earth Plate, Namak, East Asian Spice Path and Mabruk and Ocean- a personal dining room.

The Earth Plate is an international gourmet restaurant featuring a choice of Italian, Mediterranean, French and Tex-Mex and Far-Jap with Indian regional favorites. Probably one of the largest all-day dining venues within the capital, one can watch as it houses culinary experts at work inside the existing kitchen while enjoying delicacies from all over the world.

Namak, A specialty Indian restaurant in Sahara Star truly showcases the progressive spirit of India. It creates the most satisfying experience for you and your loved ones by flavoring the unparalleled flavors of Al Awadhi and Hyderabad for lunch and dinner.

The East Asian Seasoning Path, acronym EAST, gives enthusiasts a rich experience of Asian delicacies in the The atmosphere resembles the traditions of Asia. Dorm Stations and Teppanyaki Grills recreate the splendor of Asian dishes.

MABRUK , a successful restaurant awarded “Best Lebanese Restaurant” by Occasions Meals Information, serves rich Lebanese traditions with the vibrant sounds of the Mediterranean and the delicacies conjured by Chef Jihad.

The Ocean PDR (Personal Dining Room) is a new home covered in our signature marine aquarium on three sides. The PDR is suitable for board conferences, non-public evenings, and private celebrations. Unique in every way, personalized PDR options menus, elegant office settings and personalized service.

How will you go about designing a brand new menu for your organization? ?

For me, the first step in making a restaurant menu is to let the idea of ​​the restaurant go.

Once a restaurant realizes where to focus on its menu, it turns to straightforward to put completely different dishes in Sections in the list. While it does involve pricing, the restaurant menu is going to be tricky. The costs cannot be excessive, however they cannot be so low as to make the restaurant out of the establishment.

Once all the planning is complete, it's time to create the restaurant menu. This is where the meticulous and deliberate design method for a list to maximize profitability comes into play.

What do you count on being the “new regular” within the F&B establishment?

To live more than “the new regular food and beverage companies have no alternative but to rethink and redesign the way they operate their businesses.As they plan for the long-term, food and beverage companies may wish to prioritize buyer hygiene considerations and develop more flexible business processes in order to adapt quickly and determine the price range of potential new restrictions.A QR code scanner will be placed on each desk to obtain Contactless menu and somewhat in demand instead of a physical menu card because technology dependence has risen.One factor is certain, and that is never to return again to the “outdated normal system.” Only those who can acknowledge the alternatives created by these challenges create And they can adapt and move in the future, they will survive this.

What cost-cutting strategies have you found out they Useful under “ New Regulars”?

) Among the devaluation strategies that have actually worked for us, is Night waste of meals. For buffets, we've now designed and explored curating smaller portions and replenishing them as we eat in order to reduce meal waste by over 30%.

One of the other methodologies we have adopted in the new regular system is the adaptation of high quality disposable linen that has resulted in That's to save 60% money on linen purchases and laundry prices. In addition, disposable linen stands up to the new ultra-hygienic requirements.

Additionally, by going to “E Means”; Lists and Costs by Online Strategies, we have now significantly reduced our fixed prices of disposable visitor stationery, which has also helped us expand our inexperienced contribution by reducing paper usage.

Tell us your goals and methods for FY 2022- 23

Our main goal is to go beyond project scopes for 2019 (pre-Covid Nitaqat). To meet goals now, we have ways to customize our food and beverage options to fit the new normal calls of businesses when it comes to price awareness while offering high quality with simplicity.

We have discovered to adapt our stores in such an operational way that we are able to cater to them for events as small as 60 people; This thought was the fact that larger crowds are being suggested to stay away from gatherings. This is the perfect home use for our F&B stores.

We are beginning to give importance to online visibility. This high visibility has now helped us to succeed in our manufacturers to a larger stage of visitors; Even crossing city and nation borders. We have 5 places to eat at home at the moment ranked among the top 10 places to eat in Mumbai.

We've also got a strategy on our menu and in-line value options; Adopt a customized pricing method.

Tell us about your upcoming initiatives.

We are planning to introduce two new items. One is Nutri Café and the other is the artwork on a plate .

We are probably going to quickly launch our Nutri Cafe Wellness and Body Project. Nutri Café will potentially complement our wellness initiatives for a brand new health club, salon and spa. Nutri Café can have meal and beverage options that follow current wellbeing guidelines and market trends.

The artwork on the plate is likely a typical culinary masterpiece, curated and designed by talented chefs. We are likely to showcase the high quality of a tailor-made menu paired with world-class wines and cocktails in a brand new decorated outlet.

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