For these weekends, Sharanya Iyer's newest accent is a gadget

With proper know-how on her part, this trip influencer will get you profits from Weekends

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While weekdays are reserved for our skilful lives, weekends are for much-needed rest. And there's nothing that breathes life back into your days like changing the surroundings, right? Being an avid backpacker, Charanya Iyer agrees well. For a relaxing weekend getaway, this influencer takes the trip to the highway without a second thought. And when she's not out exploring, the memories of time have passed and hold a place etched in her thoughts steadfastly.

But to take advantage of these weekend adventures, all of us want a dependable partner who buys our backs no matter where we are. And for Charania, this partner has switched to the new Intel Evo platform. Powering it with the Lenovo YOGA 9i laptop, the Intel Evo not only allows it to plan and take its trips, but as well as save and share it with the world. So, from writing a diary of her experiences to creating content material she is keen on, this fanatical trip has bought her arms full of exciting events over the weekends.

Impressed by the makeovers for those as intrusive as Charania, we find out how to spend your weekends relaxing:

Digital Magazines

Whether trekking through the Himalayas or working with the wildlife of Gir, Charanya Iyer has at all times been able to find valuable moments to remember. And when life is full of surprises, you want to keep every element. With a slim and lightweight design, its laptop packs into a bag no matter where you're headed, making a surprising accent on itself. Complementing it is the Intel Evo, which ensures that with WiFi three times faster, you'll connect to the world even from the most remote areas, so digitally recording your journey experiences turns out to be a bit of a cake.

Socialization Connection

What's a weekend without some socializing? To get rid of her approach, Charania enters into her dense community of travel buddies whom she will be staying indirectly through even when she is at home. However, whether it's to meet up with former buddies, or to announce on a brand new tour group, impressions are every little thing. This is where the face framing and lighting correction functionality on the Intel Evo comes in, bringing those long video calls to life so Charania can put her best face forward!

Making the trip content

Is there no sure sense of glory in recounting the minutes before diving into the ocean Hiking to enjoy the sunset at the Nowhere Trail? For Shraniye, every journey is a story that must be documented and shared with the world. And when your passion lies in telling stories, the world is your stage. This is why the Intel Evo alone with its fast charging functionality is reliable enough for this explorer to maintain interest on these offbeat paths. With a long-lasting battery, her laptop allows her to report, create, and engage with trip content at any hour of the day, anywhere. Plus, its blazing fast efficiency makes switching between tabs, folders and video content streams a breeze, so creating these gram reels is just as fun as the experience itself!

And now what makes a weekend in Charania so smooth – it's the right tool backed by good know-how!

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