Free quantity to solve sewage problems

Visakhapatnam: Sanitation maintenance within the city has turned into a difficult business for Visakhapatnam Municipal.

Not enough sanitation workers and neglect among many lower level employees are attributed to the setbacks they face on a daily basis.

Although the company has been receiving a good number of complaints about maintaining cleanliness, many of them remain unresolved. And in some circumstances, it may last for days.

To test the problem, Mayor J Hari Venkata Kumari has decided to provide free lot and solve the complaints obtained by the platform within 24 hours.

At present, there are a number of methods for handing over sanitation issues to detect the relevant officers. Regardless, many of them have not been resolved. In a few localities and extended areas, there were occasions where cleaners did not pay to go for several days. This usually results in dumper bins overflowing, turning the spot into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and drawing stray pigs and canines.

To deal with the issue with a time frame, the mayor stated that the free lot would provide ease to the residents. “Complaints from the platform will be monitored personally.

Besides, it is possible to get suggestions from individuals about solving sanitation problems that are implemented at a certain time in a certain way,” explains the mayor.

Those who want to use the platform can contact the free lot by calling 0891-2869129.

Company employees can transfer workers who refuse to resolve complaints received by the toll-free number to the activity.

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