Gold costs are dropping significantly. Forward good occasions to beneficiaries?

Gold charges at the moment: Yellow Steel on Tuesday noticed a massive drop in all major cities in the Indian markets. In line with the Good Returns website, the gold fee has been reduced by Rs 2,500 per 100 grams. After the drop, 22 karat gold was bought and sold at Rs 4.79, Rs 500 per 100 grams and 22 karat gold was bought at Rs 47,950 per 10 grams. Under the previous trade, the precious steel closed at Rs 48,200 per 10 grams. Plus, know – the gold fee goes down, and there is no change in the silver fee on Tuesday. Check out the latest costs in the rising cities.

The value of 22 karat gold in Delhi and Mumbai is 47,950 rupees per 10 grams, while in Chennai it is 48 and 160 rupees. And in cities like Vadodara and Ahmedabad, yellow steel was buying and selling for nearly 48,000 rupees (for 10 grams of 22 karat gold), the Good Returns website confirmed. Learn Plus – Gold and Silver fees remain unchanged on Monday. Check the fees in high rise Indian cities.

For the fees not indicated, the gold fees change every day at the expense of components such as state taxes, obligations Excise, fix prices. Under it are gold fees from a few Indian cities across the country In addition to getting acquainted with – gold fees at the moment see slight improvement. Check the value of Yellow Metallic in your city here.


22 karat gold (per 10 g)

24 karat gold (per 10g)

Kolkata Rs 47,950 Rs 52310



Rs 47,950 Rs 52310 Pune ) 48,050 rupees

Rs 52,450 )

Rs 52,400

52,400 rupees

Rs 48,100

52,450 rupees
Rs 48,100

Rs 48,050
Rs 47,980

Rs 52,340 Bhubaneswar Rs 52310


must be Readers note that gold and si lver costs vary across the country due to excise duty, state taxes, and various fees. Costs also vary at jewelry outlets.

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Rs 47,950

) 48,000 rupees 52,350 rupees