Government Deceitful Personnel on Khat Status in 1932: Das

Former Prime Minister and National Vice President of BJP Raghubar Das at this moment ridiculed the coalition authorities on Khatyan lands information '1932' for deciding on the locals saying that the full train was being carried out by Movement / Congress. authorities to divert individuals from actual points.

Das claimed that Soren's confirmation of the meeting did not match Dulab's choices. The former PM was addressing BJP workplace media personnel at the place where he shared the videos of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren's confirmation at Jharkhand meeting on March 23 in 12 months through price range session. He claimed that the Prime Minister is deceiving the personnel of Jharkhand because his model of meeting does not match his decision within the state treasury.

In the last week, the Jharkhand Treasury, led by Prime Minister Hemant Soren, approved two installments, one of which outlines the 1932 Land Information as an introduction to in-state residence. One of the major problems with the JMM and various regional events was the 1932 Land Information Survey for dwelling coverage.

Within the Dolab decision that was proposed in addition to extending the period of confinement in state jobs for the socially and economically weaker groups from 60% to 77%. “According to the bill, the Scheduled Tribes (ST) booking will be 28% (from 26%), OBC will get 27% (up from 14%) and 12% for Scheduled Castes (up from 10%).” “After booking 10% for EWS (the weakest part of the economy), the total booking could be as high as 77%.”

However, Das stated that boosting the reservation ratio on the OBC can be a train to deceive individuals because without survey the reservation ratio cannot be fixed. He stated that the BJP was intended to strengthen conservatism in British Columbia and that is why it started a survey in 2019 but so far this survey report has not come out.

In 2016, Das stated that these were recognized by the BJP as Indigenous people who have resided in the state for 30 years or started in Jharkhand Or they have surnames for their ancestors in the land file and after identifying the locals, make sure that they are assigned. Locals worked for the third and fourth development for 4 years without any dispute, but the authorities throughout hearing the petition on the court's schedule claimed the coverage was inappropriate and made it controversial.

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