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Lucknow: Colleges of Powers within the state will hold Parent-Teacher Conferences ( PTM ) from August on personal college strains.
Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath , in interaction with university students recently, focused on month-to-month PTMs in colleges of authorities and described them as Important for the general grooming of young people.
The Director of Teaching Fundamentals of the College VK Anand directed all colleges to organize PTM during the third week of August from 10 AM to 12 PM. In the course of compilation, the academics and principals will tell Dad and Mom of the DBT (Direct Profit Key) scheme to transfer cash for purchase of uniform, shoes, socks, jacket, faculty bag and stationery to the financially classified Aadhar accounts of the institution.
Colleges were asked to put in the correct chairs and buffaloes and to provide a great welcome for the elderly. Colleges may be awarded 500 rupees for organizing PTMs where refreshments can be provided to seniors. The entirety of Rs 6.7 crore was stowed away by the division for the target.
Officers stated that mandatory PTMs in power colleges would go a long way in involving father and mother in group proceedings. “The goal is to inform Dad and Mom about the strengths and weaknesses of their wards. Although Dad and Mom usually go to colleges, they may get a chance to assess the amenities of the colleges of the authorities throughout the PTMs,” he said. ) NIPUN Objectives set for children to achieve basic arithmetic and study. Colleges will also ask dad and mom if their child is happy with the infrastructure facilities that exist within the college. All academics are required to attend PTM faculty. The directive also mandated that colleges congratulate undergraduate students for best performers in acts such as dance, poetry, storytelling, and athletic activities. While BEOs will go to 10 colleges, BSAs will examine eight colleges in two blocks. In addition, BSAs have been requested to add images of PTMs on the Prerna portal .

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