HC ordered DGP to take strict I/O decision in Sowdha Mani

Chennai: Excessive court regulation in Madras has ordered the Chief Superintendent of Police to take stern action against an investigative officer who delayed the way the cell phone was prepared before court. Justice of the Peace in the case of BJP Government Committee Member Sudha Mani.

Judge P Philomorogan has given orders to dismiss a petition for review of a felony brought by Mrs. BJP.

“..the Investigating Officer shall show the seized/recovered supplies to the Magistrates Magistrate immediately, following due process. However, the IO order of the present case has not resulted in Subject property immediately after confiscation, and produce the same with a 6 day delay, which may harm the prosecution case.”

Judge Velmurugan also noted that there is no further clarification coming regarding half of the IO for not submitting the subject property to the Judicial Court of Justice quickly after restoration.

“Make a strict decision toward the investigating officer in the case within the case not to submit the subject property to the magistrate, promptly after restoration, apart from giving directions to all investigating officers to submit textile objects to the court schedule involved immediately and to report on this effect,” the International Court of Justice ordered. b), and 505(2) from the IPC for posting defamatory posts on Twitter alleging that the federal government is destroying temples. On July 9, the police confiscated her phone and earlier gave him the matching phone from JM on July 15. Andor peace judge rejected it. Subsequently, Soudha approached the High Commissioner to cancel the order for the military movement. However, the other Prosecutor Sojandran confirmed that the phone is the evidence of the tissue inside the case and the same phone has been sent for forensic examination. Sudha Mani However, Judge Velmurugan arrived here closely on IO for not furnishing the cell phone captured earlier by JM right away. The order was posted until October 16

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