Here is how Aadhaar brought the man together with the family after 6 years

The shortage of disabled man has been thought since November 2016 from Khagaria district in Bihar and now it has been traced by Aadhaar in Nagpur, Maharashtra in August 2022. 15 was discovered at Nagpur railway station on 28 November 2016. As the child He was able to speak and listen with disabilities (deaf and dumb), the railway authorities after the right time handed him over to the orphanage in Nagpur. He has earned a reputation known as Prem Ramesh Ingal, according to the official confirmation from the ministry. 2022 to admin to register Prem Ramesh Ingal. However, Aadhaar towards this recording could not be generated because the biometrics were matching the amount of other Aadhaar out.

Next, ASK Nagpur approached UIDAI regional workplace in Mumbai. Upon verification, the younger man involved was found to have a current Aadhaar, since 2016 with the title known as 'Sochan Kumar' who administers a district in Khagaria district in Bihar.

After additional scrutiny and verification, and following legal procedures, the authorities revealed the identity of the young man to the director of the orphanage. With the cooperation of the local police in Khagaria (Bihar), the family was familiar with it. The ministry and their village added “Sarpanch” during the third week of August. Sachin Kumar is reunited with his family, primarily because of Aadhaar.

The process of handing over the child, in accordance with the rule of the Youth Welfare Committee, and the respected courtroom path, was legally accomplished, collectively by the supervisor and the orphanage counselor, the ministry said. With their families scattered across the country over the last year. To indicate that households of 18 more people are underway.

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