High Commissioner revokes sponsorship of ex-son of Ramdev Tyagi in Mumbai | Mumbai information

Mumbai Excessive schedule of the Bombay Court (HC) has canceled the bail of the son of former Mumbai Police Commissioner Ramdev Tyagi, Raj Tyagi, for violating the terms of his bail.

Worley Police on 16 July 2020 registered their First Information Report (FIR) to Raj's opposition to his wife's cruel treatment, abuse and threats. Raj was arrested on March 21 of the last year in reference to the case.

Single Judge Bharati Dangri, Single Judge, asked Raj Tyagi to surrender to the investigating officer in the case. The officer was directed to arrest him if he did not take any action.

“The defendant Mr. Tyagi did not abide by the status imposed on him and is responsible for the blatant violation of the status – for not intimidating his wife and children and not entering the jurisdiction of Bandra Police Station (the place where she resides), Judge Dangri stated while rescinding Bail given to Tyagi.

Earlier, while his bail application was pending earlier than the court's excessive schedule, Raj gave an affidavit and agreed to resolve the marital dispute amicably, in addition to making pledges Miscellaneous as to his residential facility Husband and youth and as to the treatment to be paid to her.

As his wife, who was staying in Bandra, was afraid of threats to her, her young and even her relatives, Raj also gave a project For not entering the confines of Bandra Police Station and in light of his pledges, the court's excessive schedule had released him on bail on 23 June 2021.

His wife, however, alleged that after three days of obtaining bail in the case, He sent her a message after which she knew her name from an unknown quantity and used abusive and dirty language.She claimed that on June 26, 2021, she noticed him in addition To that with Arun Singh ready in the open air to build her residence in Bandra.

She added that while on her way to Bandra police station, he adopted her car, and then when she was at the police station, he arrived at the building again and created a ruckus. Then, Bandra police had to ship a cell truck to the building, but as soon as the truck got there, Raj ran away from the scene.

Against this background, Bandra Police registered a second crime of opposing the ex-cop’s son, and kept him for stalking his estranged wife, intimidating her as well as trying to kill her, as he did. In addition to pointing a pistol at her.

She claimed that even after that, Raj continued to send her scary and abusive messages and requested that some unacknowledged complaints and other FIR complaints against him be registered at Bandra Police Station.

She had finally moved the court's excessive schedule in the last year in search of voiding Raj's bail due to alleged breach of bail conditions.

Seat only choice accepted her claims and rescinded the bail.

“He has additionally attempted to intimidate witnesses,” is famous in the court’s agenda and stated that the tapestry placed in the record with the benefit of the husband, clearly showed that there was an attempt on part of the Raj “to interfere with the course of justice. He misused the freedom granted to him.”

The court’s excessive schedule concluded that he abused his liberty and if he continued on bail, it would not lead to a good trial, and “after that, his liberty shall be restricted by rescinding the order I granted him.”

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