High Commissioner slams Jammeh for undetected crematorium demolished in Mumbai

The Excessive Courtroom of Bombay on Wednesday arrived here near the Mumbai Suburban complex to demolish the seaside crematorium used by the fishermen's district without being heard. A jury of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Judge Madhav Jamdar reputedly claimed that collector Nidhi Chaudhary was aware of the rules and guidelines and thus was trying to subvert the regulations.

The High Commissioner has been listening to the public Petitions of Curiosity (PIL) brought by Chetan Vyas, a resident of the capital, raising cases over the alleged unauthorized development of crematoriums on Iringal Beach in the outskirts of Malad. This development violates the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) guidelines, the PIL claimed. Site inspection. No spotting or listening to any show or listening to the native fishermen's quarter, who used force, was made before the movement. Coastal Zone Management Authority (MCZMA).

However, MCZMA claimed that it only asked the collector's workplace to conduct an investigation and take action.

On Wednesday it is well known that in another order, the High Commissioner has directed the matched collector to move towards buildings violating peak restrictions near the airport.

“Then the match assembler took a completely different approach. (Chowdhury) was having a lot of difficulties at that time. She was under court orders but nevertheless she had a lot of questions. CJ Datta stated we did not take any suggestion

“But look here. She is a live collector. It cannot be so naive that it cannot inform MCZMA that the hunters must be heard first and a fact-finding inquiry must be conducted.”

Additionally, he criticized the court’s schedule for MCZMA to issue a letter to the collector looking for movement toward the Holocaust Cadavers without investigation. “Is it not the duty of the MCZMA as a guardian authority to first authorize the officer to inquire,” the court stated. It immediately stood before the February 1991 notification of the CRZ guidelines. The crematorium was there prior to the notification,” the famous court schedule.

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