Huge coastal clean-up campaign held in Chennai on International Coastal Clean-up Day

Chennai Coastal Cleanup drive

Mega A seaside clean-up campaign held in Chennai (Photo Courtesy: Upper Chennai Corporation)

Chennai Coastal Cleanup drive Photo Photograph: Twitter

Chennai Coastal Cleanup drive Chennai: A massive clean-up campaign was held on the seashore in Nilankarai, Chennai At the seaside on World Coastal Clean-up Day on Friday. Several organizations joined the Upper Chennai Corporation (GCC) in the purge yesterday.

The Minister of Atmosphere of Meanathan on Saturday inaugurated statewide coastal clean-up and awareness events at Nilakkarai Beach. Campaign members pledged to protect seashores, separate family waste, and carry reusable water bottles between different resolutions.


Additional Civic Company Urging residents to stop dumping beach litter and prevent others from doing it properly.

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“GCC #CHNITY REQUESTS ASSISTANCE AND ACQUISITION. Stop littering on the shores of the seas, stop littering. Let's be part of the character's collective thanks to the attractive sea shores by keeping them clear (sic)”, gcc stated in a tweet.

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