Hyderabad emerges as India's third safest city after Kolkata and Pune: NCRB Report


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Hyderabad : After Kolkata and Pune, Hyderabad is the third safest metro city in India, according to a report From the National Crime Information Bureau (NCRB) confirmed. A total of 2,599 crimes were allocated in Hyderabad per million inhabitants in 2021.

The NCRB released the information after evaluating the registration of identifiable crimes in cities with It has a population of two million.

With just one, 034 offenses, Kolkata here tops the list because it is the least crime-prone city, adopted by Pune with 2,568 offenses, confirmed the NCRB report launched since Not so long ago for 2021.

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Meanwhile, the capital, Delhi, has the best crime rate within the country with 18,596 crimes per million inhabitants. Surat, Cochin, Ahmedabad and Chennai line up with Delhi in the list of cities with the highest crime charges.

lowest crime rate, while Bangalore also ranks fifth among many safest cities with 4,272 crimes per million inhabitants.

When one lakh resident is taken into consideration, 104.4 crimes were recorded in Kolkata, 256.8 crimes in Pune, and 259.9 in Hyderabad. Bangalore has reported 427.2 crimes and 428.4 in Mumbai.

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Meanwhile, 45 murders were reported in Kolkata, 98 in Hyderabad, 152 in Bangalore, 454 in Delhi, and 162 in Mumbai. When it comes to the attempted murder, 135 cases have been recorded in Kolkata, 192 in Hyderabad, 371 in Bangalore, 752 in Delhi and 349 in Mumbai.

Up to 11 rape cases were recorded in Kolkata, 116 in Hyderabad, 117 in Bangalore, 1,226 in Delhi, and 364 in Mumbai.

127 cases of assaults on women were recorded in Kolkata, 177 in Hyderabad, 357 in Bangalore, and 1,023 in Delhi.

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Three dacoities have been reported in Kolkata, 11 in Hyderabad, 16 in Mumbai, 25 in Delhi and 36 in Bangalore. Meanwhile, as many as 1,446 cases have been recorded in Kolkata, 2,419 in Hyderabad, 6,066 in Bangalore, 1980 in Delhi, seven and 820 in Mumbai.

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