Hyderabad enters 2nd real estate market in India

Hyderabad: Hyderabad appears as a second participant with a 4.0 rating in the REIM framework created by the Motilal Oswal Monetary Companies (MOFSL) to measure the attractiveness of the top six actual Indian real estate markets. It is the fastest bull market with strong pricing expectations and bottoming stock accumulations. Bengaluru tops the chart with a rating of 4.7 under the action of its most beneficial market in general supply and demand dynamics. , Mumbai MMR is probably the most balanced by the criteria outlined below the REIM framework. Selection of useful properties in the nationwide metropolitan area only for the self-discipline of its release, as it is the best among the different markets, and its low depth. Given the excess inventory and the lack of trust among customers, it is likely that the advantages of demand and pricing are concentrated on fewer players available in the market.

The REIM framework assigns a rating on a scale of 1 to 6 (with six being the best rating) for each market, mostly based on how you rate with 5 different markets according to the criteria set. The framework takes into account the expected scope of launches versus the demand for initiatives, the potential for demand development mostly dependent on demographics, the extent to which existing inventory ranges influence future price expectations, pricing expectations and the nature of competitors within the region along with managing the top 10 players available in the market .

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