IAS Bihar officer apologizes for her comments about 'condoms' and 'sanitary pads'

IAS Senior Officer and General Manager of Bihar Girls and Youngsters Growth Company Harjot Kaur Bamhrah, who has drawn controversy with her abrasive reactions to high school girls at a public event here, apologized Thursday for her remarks.

In a letter, he skillfully specified an appropriate benefit “Shashakt Beti Samridh Bihar” and apologized to female undergraduates. “If any woman feels hurt by my statements, I apologize to her.”

On this occasion, when a pupil asked Bhumrah to provide the federal government with faculty uniforms, scholarship, bicycles and a lot of different amenities for college students, couldn't she offer sanitary pads for 20-30 rupees to female college students – applause of his age, saying people clap for inquiries but these are endless calls.

“Immediately, the federal government will give you sanitary napkins from 20 rupees to 30 rupees. Then you definitely ask for denim, and pants, and then, nice shoes,” she stated however did not stop there.

“In terms of family planning, will the federal government give you nerod condoms. Why would I act taking everything away from the federal government? What is required of it?”

At that, the student mentioned that the federal government was engaging them in their voice hunt. Umra replied angrily: “This is the height of stupidity. You do not vote and go to Pakistan. You give a vote to take money and utilities from the federal government.”

That student replied that she was Indian and why would she go to Pakistan?

“The federal government provides relief from taxpayers’ money. If taxpayers pay taxes to the federal government, why don’t they claim taxpayers?” she asked.

Another schoolgirl claimed the downside of the ladies' restrooms within the college, saying that boys enter the ladies' bathroom and make them uncomfortable.

At this, he skillfully asked if every pupil in the corridor had separate bathrooms for them in the dormitory, leaving many viewers dumbfounded and shocked at the thrust of the senior IAS officer who insulted the girls' college students.


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