Implementation of a large number of digital measures to help retired policemen | Mumbai information

MUMBAI: Retired Police Officers from across Maharashtra will quickly have all the information as well as post-retirement benefits grievance redress tools at their fingertips. A plethora of digital age metrics features a weekly video name with relevant officers to address points and inquiries, a dedicated free helpline and separate voicemail service for a similar goal for those less tech-savvy, a dedicated email handle, a dedicated drop-down server, and a YouTube channel to answer Constantly asked questions and informational brochures about the same thing. Pensioners can register for all of these companies online.

Proceedings were initiated by Principal Chief Accountant (Accounts & Accruals) Jaya Bhagat in the last year with the aim of making things simpler for the retired authorities employees through the Covid-19 pandemic, when physical visits to respective workplaces were not possible, The same is true for older populations who fall into the at-risk age group. Over the following months, Bhagat's workplace arranged the infrastructure required for the initiatives, both physical and digital.

Other than web companies, voice mail service is also arranged for those who are not well versed in internet based media may leave a voice message. Particular care has been taken to ensure that callers are given ample time to understand directions and respond accordingly. “Our policemen are doing a really tough activity and we don’t need them to fight for his or her pension after their retirement. The aim behind all these initiatives is service,” Bhagat instructed Hindustan occasions.

In July of this year, Bhagat wrote to Director of Police Essentials Rajneesh Seth explaining the procedures and seeking his cooperation in implementing them for the retired police personnel. In her letter, Bhagat explained the procedures closely with the registration process for them, in order for the same to be presented to the policemen.

She added that as part of the awareness, workshops were held earlier this year in the state as well as the Mumbai Police Headquarters. In addition, additional interactions with Pensioners and Adalats Associations and additionally in Treasurys of Mumbai, Thane, Nashik, Pune, Balgar, Satara, Ahmadnagar and Kolhapur, with a view to broadening awareness of these initiatives and addressing retiree considerations have been conducted.

In the last month, Seth has issued directives to move forward in detail on AG procedures for all unit chiefs under the state police, with hyperlinks for retirees to register themselves for all businesses. Accordingly, Chief Inspector of Police (Department) S Jayakumar has dispatched deeply be aware of the procedures to all Commissioners. For now, unit heads are supposed to make sure that data is sent to all police personnel. “We share the data with all employees so that, in retirement, they can benefit from this information,” Jayakumar stated.

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