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MUMBAI: The task of redeveloping Dharavi goes to be larger in dimensions as its entire area has been raised to 259 hectares, in line with the Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by the Slum Redevelopment Authority (SRA).

A settlement has also been signed between the railways, via the Railways Land Development Authority, and the Dharavi Redevelopment Mission (DRP), to include a 47.37-acre plot of land belonging to the former, within the media space. The RFP document revealed that it will aid in the rapid growth of the assignment.

The SRA has issued a Request for Proposal to appoint a Mission Management Marketing Consultant (PMC) who can assist the selected Bidder in obtaining mandatory approvals from relevant authorities, technical guidance, evaluation plans and ready-made PMC plans

SPV) for the mission among others.

The country also has an Acceptable Floor Area Index (FSI) of 4 and more exchangeable FSI can be obtained under prevailing Growth Management Regulations (DCR) for rehabilitation, renovation portion and free sale of built space within the open market.

Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Prime Minister said after holding an assessment meeting on Wednesday's mission.

The mission's final bidding order was issued on Wednesday after selecting the state treasury in its assembly held last week. In addition, the Treasury accepted a Targeted Vehicle (SPV) compact growth organization for a 259-hectare mission aimed at remaking India's largest poor enclave into a luxury town.

To begin with, the mission area was 178 hectares. The state's City Growth Department informed the land of approximately 178.30 hectares for the assignment by issuing a notice on March 9, 2005. A further 62 hectare of land was notified for the assignment again on June 25, 2009, which has now been raised to 259-ha. “The total plot of land for the Dharavi mission is now around 259.54 hectares plus railway land,” according to the RFP document.

In line with a GIS-based Biological and Socio-Economic Survey conducted by Maharashtra Social Housing and Movement Association (MASHAL), an NGO mostly based in Pune, in 2007-08, there are approximately, 49,643 of Slum dwellers (39,208 housing and 10,435 commercial) and 9,522 properties for renovation in Saul (6,981 dwellings and pairs of 541 businesses). Regardless of the estimates, there are approximately 4,818 slum dwellers on the railways' land, who also need to be rehabilitated.

The state authorities are planning to provide the non-qualified residents of Dharavi with houses under the affordable rental housing scheme and wish to make use of the salt land of Wadala. A senior official from the state housing department stated, “The marketing consultant will undertake the strategy of the Department of Commerce and Industry Union which is asking them to acquire a plot of land in Salt Land in Wadala for a period of 99 years to implement an affordable rental housing scheme.” .

There are 7 lakh round people residing in mezzanine and higher floors in slum construction, they are not eligible. The officers stated that they would be accommodated, ideally within a 10 kilometer radius, anywhere within the Mumbai metropolitan area (MMR), under both Prime Minister Awas Yojana or below the affordable rental housing scheme.

The Mission's bidding process has failed in a number of cases before now due to similar reasons for mixed land use in Dharavi, eligibility criteria for housing rehabilitation and market slowdown, among others.

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