India is considering adopting a broadband charger for all units

NEW DELHI: The Federal Government is exploring adoption of a modular charger for a wide range of units, along with smartphones and tablets, a senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Shoppers on Tuesday indicated that it gathered on August 17 to discuss the trade problem. The possibility of ending the use of a number of chargers in India and reducing the burden on shoppers as well as stopping e-waste, the official said, is to be evaluated.

Not too long ago, the EU introduced widespread adoption of the USB-C port for familiar charging of small digital units by 2024. Same demand right within the US.

“If companies can serve in Europe and the United States, why not do so in India? The official advised PTI that portable digital units such as smartphones and tablets should have a typical charger

Currently, shoppers are pressured to purchase a separate charger every time they buy a new device due to incompatible mainstream charger outlets.


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