Innovation, Efficient Management is Key to Continuous Hygiene Rank in Navi Mumbai

Former Municipal Commissioner Abhijit Bangar received the award at a ceremony at the Talkatura Stadium in New Delhi from President Draupadi Mormo. | Photo: File

Navi Mumbai was featured as the third cleanest city in the country in the Swachta Survey 2022 under the Swachh Bharat mission, improving its standing from fourth in the last year. As of all times, she has also been ranked number one in Maharashtra.

The key to the continued efficiency of Navi Mumbai Municipal Company (NMMC), which has been securing a place for Computer City Satellite TV among the 10 cleanest countries in the world, lies in its progressive programs and efficient waste management.

For the 2022 Hygiene Survey, the Civil Administration has taken a lot of measures to provide the city with a brand new look. It hired scholars from the Sir JJ College of Arts in Mumbai who decorated vital joints, flyovers and LED-lit underpasses, made electric poles attractive, and set up work on sections alongside railway tracks and highways.

In addition, the civic structure has systematically created awareness about hygiene in a collective stage, without giving up any alternative to make use of any platform for this goal.

An official from the company’s stable waste management division told the Free Press Journal, “We came up with the iconic idea of ​​a ‘donation rack. Take what you need.” Residents may carry unwanted household goods, clothing, and supplies to the donation rack while those in need may decide on them from there. Earlier, these things used to go to landfills. “

In addition, the company has arranged seven state-of-the-art wastewater treatment crops, from which the Koparkhairane and Airoli crops can recycle up to 20 million liters per day in the third phase and provide clean water to industrial elements. This leads to saving water, while the civil structure also generates income from the sale of recycled wastewater.

In addition, the civil structure began displaying the “Zero Waste Slum” mannequin and saved money on waste transportation.On a trial basis, it began Fitness in variety of door-to-door waste in 5 slums – Hanuman Nagar in Turbi, Indiranagar in Turbi, Advali Butwali, Samatanagar in Iruli and Bindumadhav Nagar in Degha.The wet waste collected in peat compost is disposed of in the same place. “This initiative was appreciated,” the official said.

Necessary measures taken by NMMC to survey hygiene:

  • The civil body has arranged a “Pet Nook” in many locations to prevent pets from defecate anywhere.

  • Road shows were held in 111 suites at one go in cleanliness that bought a place in Better Info India.

  • NMMC put together a massive 28.5-foot-high flamingo sculpture built from 1,790 waste machine components from 26 completely different machines, with The idea of ​​”sustainability from waste”.

  • I created a nature garden in an old waste yard by planting 60,000 native species of shrubs.

  • It is now focusing on separating dry, wet and hazardous household waste when importing.

  • Waste turns into fertilizers and plastic granules, making paving blocks from building particles.

  • A special grievance handling system is operated to record hygiene-related complaints and acquired complaints are resolved within 24 hours.

  • Monitoring of garbage vehicles with RFID chip.

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