Instagram and OnlyFans star Courtney Cleaney has been arrested for stabbing her boyfriend

  • Courtney Cleanney has been arrested by police for murder in connection with her boyfriend's death.

Instagram and OnlyFans star Courtney Taylor Cleaney has been arrested and charged with premeditated murder in reference to the stabbing murder of her boyfriend Christian Obomseli. Investor in cryptocurrency.

The appeal, which Cleaney admitted, took place over the past 4 months in early April inside a luxury hotel in Miami, Florida. Prosecutors say the 26-year-old used a six-inch blade to strike Obomsele's chest and strike his subclavian artery, Rolling Stone reports. Cleaney's legal professional alleged that the appeal was in self-defence. After the incident, Clenney was sent to the hospital for two days for mental health reasons, after which she was fired, according to BuzzFeed.

Clenney, whose online title goes by Courtney Taylor, has over two million followers on Instagram, the place she posts snaps and adorns costumes. Her most recent Instagram posts the dates at the top of March, days before the appeal. Her OnlyFans account, which appears to have been deleted or restricted due to the appeal, described her as a “full time healthy model and foodie staying with my dog” who simply moved to Miami so I want the vibes!

Hawaiian police arrested Cleaney within the city of Lupahue on Wednesday by order of Miami-Dade County, the place where she is being prosecuted. Although Cleaney is She was based in Austin, Texas, and Miami, yet resided in Hawaii for PTSD and substance abuse rehabilitation, her attorney Frank Prieto advised the Miami Herald. Instagram and OnlyFans star Courtney Clenney arrested in stabbing death of her boyfriend Courtney Cleanney was arrested on Wednesday.

Hawaii Police Department / AP

Brito told the Miami Herald that he was “shocked” by the arrest and stated that they “look forward to to liquidate her title in the courtroom.” Also known as the “baseless and baseless cost of murder.” Florida State Attorney Catherine Fernandez Randle. The two had a number of altercations that led to the police being known about their home in Austin, and Miami construction workers began who have been staying in them trying to evict them due to the frequency of their disputes, according to The Miami He rald.

The investigation into the stabbing incident was taking place 4 months before the police. Klein was arrested. Prieto claimed that Clenney was affected by domestic violence in her relationship. He admitted that each juvenile may have engaged in abuse, but the stabbing was an act of self-defense, according to Rolling Stone. Clenney previously claimed she threw the knife at Obumseli from a short distance in self-defense after Obumseli was found to be aggressive towards her, although Rundle stated that the medical expert's findings disproved that statement. Meanwhile, Obomsele's family argued that the assault was unjustified and that the authorities were simply treating Kleiny because she was white. Obumseli was a black man.

Rolling Stone previously spoke with a friend of Clenney from Austin who claimed that Clenney had hit Obumseli a number of occasions before and pushed him down a ladder in celebration.

Cleaney is currently being held in Hawaii, according to the Hawaii Police Department press release, and may later be transferred to Miami.

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