IPL 'notorious Slapgate' controversy between Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth, Bhajji apologizes

Sreesanth Slapgate IPL

IPL 2023 is envisioned to be one of the biggest and most enchanting cricket events around the world. Every edition of IPL has cricket followers glued to their TV screens helping his favorite groups. Happening in December of this year, the IPL 2023 buy and sell window will occur where groups can trade with each other for players and make mandatory additions to their groups.

IPL has been the center of controversy time and time again. Although the past few years have been relatively quiet through controversy, there have been a number of controversies over the years. One such incident is the infamous “slapping” controversy that took the cricket fraternity by storm.

In the 2008 IPL season, veteran Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth were bothered by a major controversy. The two were arguing over the Mumbai Indians (MI) versus Punjab Kings' Sport (PBKS). At that time, Srisanth performed for the kings of Punjab, while Singh represented Mumbai Indians. At the conclusion of the IPL sport between Mumbai and Punjab, there was a usual spherical form of handshake when Harbhajan reportedly slapped Sreesanth due to an argument between the two over the final match. Harbhajan has been severely criticized for his behaviour.

Sriyanth was seen crying after the sport. The controversial incident was not substantiated by video, but the photos quickly spread on the network. Harbhajan was immediately suspended for the remainder of the IPL season following the incident. After the IPL season, the Board of Directors for Cricket in India (BCCI) opened a separate investigation, which resulted in Harbhajan's five ODI being suspended.

Harbhajan's Apology

Harbhajan later expressed deep regret for his actions and was mentioned in a video Resident, “What happened was flawed. I made a mistake. Because of me, my teammate needed to face the embarrassment. I used to be embarrassed. If I needed to correct one mistake, it was the way I dealt with Sreesanth in the sector. That it happened. After thinking about it, I really felt like there was no need. If I needed to correct one mistake, it was the way I handled Sreesanth in the sector. It shouldn't have happened. After I think about it, I really feel like there's no need.”

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