IRCTC Account Deletion Methods, irctc Agent Registration 2022


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Delete IRCTC Account: Partners, at this time we will provide you with these The data through this text, if you want to open a railway ticket counter, then, to start, you must delete a specific person IRCTC account and Aadhaar quantity and PAN card quantity should not be far from There, besides this, when you put your cell number and your email ID there, then in addition, you will have to change them only then it is possible in order to open a completely new IRCTC ticket counter for railways as a result of your already registered person in IRCTC. If the ID is generated, you will not be assigned an agent within the official railway by IRCTC and you will also not be able to open the railway ticket counter. So if you also need to delete your IRCTC account and need to open a railway ticket counter We will tell you the full path of ways to disable irctc account here, to get complete data about ways to delete IRCTC account and to grow into an IRCTC railway ticket distributor. Get to know the article below precisely

How to permanently delete an IRCTC account?

IRCTC account is required for railway ticket e-book but just in case you are thinking In delete your IRCTC account then you can delete it completely but when you delete your IRCTC account , you can delete it again. IRCTC Permanent Account cannot be activated after deletion, Aadhar Card and PAN Card data is far from IRCTC knowledge and after that you cannot e-book any Tatkal ticket or regular ticket from IRCTC.

Why delete the IRCTC account permanently?

If you wish to delete your IRCTC account EXACTLY AND YOU NEED TO OPEN IRCTC RAILWAY COUNTER AND GROW TO BE OFFICIALLY IRCTC RAIL TICKET AGENT, YOU ARE FOR THE FRANCHISE OF IRCTC E-BOOK TRAIN TICKETS BY THE COMPANY, BUT WHEN YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED , IRCTC account of particular person is created and with this you have registered your PAN number Card and Aadhar card along with cell quantity and your email id with IRCTC then every time you grow to become an incomplete agent of IRCTC your account will not be created There as a result of the most first, you will be instructed by the company that you will have to delete your old account and release your Aadhar card and PAN card from there, in addition, you have to run your cell quantity and your email id from there when it turns into free. You must use it to grow into an IRCTC Agent, and in this case you must delete your IRCTC account completely and release all your paperwork from there.

The main reasons for deleting IRCTC Account?

If an IRCTC person does not need to book an electronic ticket along with his identity, in this case he can delete his account.

    If a person feels that their IRCTC account was created in error, then He can delete it.

    If a person creates multiple IRCTC accounts, they can delete them.

    IRCTC person can delete their account even when they forget their password.

    (You can also delete your old account to take advantage of your cell amount or your e-mail ID in IRCTC.

    Easy ways to change the quantity of cells, email an IRCTC account?

    To get started with you go to the official IRCTC web site.

    After accessing the IRCTC website, you must click on the login button.

    After you open the website efficiently, you have to login here with your IRCTC Person ID and Password.

    After logging in profitable IRCTC, you should go to My Account section.

    Once you go to the “My Account” section, here you will notice the selection of my profile.

    Now here you have to click c Welcome to my profile within IRCTC and edit the profile.

    Once you click on the Edit Profile choice here, here you will notice the choice to add the number of cells, you have to click on this ballpoint pen icon.

      Once you click here, you will get the option to enter a completely new cell quantity here.
      Now you have to fill in your new cell amount here and click on Generate OTP button.

      A One Time Password (OTP) will now be sent to your cell phone number, you must fill in this OTP.

      After you fill in the OTP efficiently, your new cell quantity is added and the old quantity is deleted.

      price partners, to ways to disable the irctc account by e-mail, you must Shipping is an email to irctc by which you must inform irctc in the format given below that you only need to delete your irctc account for any purpose, after your irctc account will be deleted by irctc has been deleted. You must ship mail from your email ID to IRCTC authorized email ID ( [email protected] ).

      IRCTC Helpline Quantity, Email ID?

    If you face any kind of negative aspects in IRCTC then you will get For all kind of help by contacting IRCTC at these helpline numbers, you may be given these IRCTC helpline numbers here or you can also get help from IRCTC at this email id. Can do

    044-25300000,01 1-39340000 [email protected ]

    irctc agent registration?

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