Issues have been raised about amenities in the new terminal building at Chennai Airport

Airport and airline staff have raised issues regarding the construction of a brand new terminal building at Chennai Airport, which is likely to open by the end of this year.

On September 15 and 16, the Chief of Airports Authority of India (AAI), Sanjeev Kumar, inspected the multi-level car parks and the built-in terminal in the building and reviewed the work. Through the inspection, he noted the amenities of each building and made his suggestions to the airport authorities. Opening of the compact terminal and relying on it to be processed before opening. The station, which is already suffering from delays, has been built in two phases, with the core section likely to be completed by the top of this year after which the global terminal will likely be moved there.

“When it opened to air passengers in December, we are aware that only three airlifts can also be had. For aircraft without airlift facility, they must be parked in the far bays [located further from the building] ], and passengers must be transported in buses. It will cause a lot of inconvenience to passengers. The remaining air bridges can only be obtained after the development of the entire station is completed, which may take at least one more year. The presentation stated that the AAI should look for a temporary link” . There may only be 60 counters compared to the 72 counters obtainable within the current global station,” the display is set.

“No cause for concern”

AAI officers stated that the problems are pointless and that the variety of airlifts and check-in counters could be greater than expected.” In December, there will likely be seven airlifts, And when the full challenge is over, there will likely be 17 aircraft bridges. In addition, there will likely be 100 check-in desks initially and 140 once the challenge is completed,” said a senior AAI official.

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