It's a miracle: Chennai tennis icon Vijay Amritraj to organize the 2022 World Tennis Chennai Open 2022

The wait for the city's tennis followers is finally over. The Chennai Open is back again, with female tennis players from all over the world here to compete on the occasion.

Even because the male co-male match has moved to Pune from Chennai in 2018, the crazy city tennis tribe has missed watching the video games. Since the new state authorities took over, she was urged that they were “very keen” to bring tennis back into town.

And they did. “It's definitely a miracle,” says Vijay Amritraj, Chennai's tennis icon and president of the Tamil Nadu Tennis Association, speaking from one of the many rooms inside the Nungambakkam Tennis Court, explaining how the stadium, which has faced years of neglect, has been on the verge of what number of weeks makes a match achievable. Amritraj says: “Without the insistence and assistance of the state authorities, in fact, it would probably have been impossible to imagine doing so.

TNTA president Vijay Amritraj conducting the main draw player ceremony for singles at the WTA Chennai Open at SDAT Tennis Stadium in Nungambakkam

TNTA President Vijay Amritraj Conducts Individual Main Draw Ceremony for WTA Chennai Open at SDAT Tennis Court in Nungambakkam
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TNTA chief hosted players, representatives from state authorities and people from Chennai at a social launch event last Saturday in which players, along with highly rated Eugiene Bouchard

While one hopes that a WTA 250 match will create a surge in curiosity in in-city and state tennis, Amritraj says aspiring players can be taught invaluable lessons from the skilled athletes who They push themselves on their choice to the top.

“The thought of having these occasions is making sure you get to see how these women prepare, what they do to warm up and afterward, their eating habits and follow up. However, on top of that, it comes down to the way you position yourself in the direction of getting there.

“They were here two days before the game, and all day, they were training. In my welcome message to them, I mentioned, trying not to play much between 11am and 2pm. However they were all in the market They take part in it, he says, including: “We would like younger women to come back and watch these matches… to energize themselves. And then the dedication must come back from the athlete. We should not always consider giving wildcards to Indian players; They should be fine to play on their own.” – Carrying Chess Olympiads. “I need names from Chennai, Tamil Nadu and India to watch all over the world on TV. We're in over 100 countries at this level and that's amazing for us and our sponsors. We also need to discuss what we have in Chennai (and Tamil Nadu) — the unimaginable beaches, temples, church buildings and mosques — as a place to go and enjoy meals and traditions, he says, including: “Third, what kind of project can we help with? If you're throwing Look at (bringing in) additional funding within the state, you can't do that more than sporting activities. All these women, after they're gone, are our ambassadors who are going to speak up very hard about our city and our state.”

I acknowledge that, as the president of the Tamil Nadu Tennis Federation, there is a lot of work to be done, Amritraj says “there is a lot we always have to do, and maybe we do. At the same time, we would like to The players are as loyal as us. However, there is one factor we will not do and that is let the pitch fall apart again. We will take advantage of it so that everything continues to work. It should look as beautiful as it is after three months as a result of a lot of work that has been done.”

Eugiene Bouchard walks the ramp in a traditional saree.

Eugene Bouchard walks up the slope in a traditional saree.
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