JD(U)'s workplace poster change tells the story of Nitish's ambitions

From “Nitish Sabke Hain (Nitish is of all)” in 2020, “Nyay Ke Saath Vikas, Kanoon Ka Raaj (Justice and Improvement, with Organization and Order)” Until several days in the past, until now “Pradesh Mein Dikha , Desh Mein Dikhega (What has been seen within the state, will now appear within the nation)” – The modified posters in the Janata Dal (United) workplace in Patna show the ambitions of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

A day after Kumar in the presence of Telangana Chief Minister Okai Chandrachkar Rao in Patna sidestepped media questions about him being the prime minister’s face of the opposition in 2024, his encounter with new posters at her workplace in Patna stunned everyone. She addresses Prime Minister Narendra Modi and makes an offer to Kumar as the face of the opposition in the subsequent primary elections. Not a joke) “,” Man ka Nahi, Kam ki (not from ideas, but from action) “,” Aashwasan Nahi, Sushasan (Not just affirmations, whatever good governance)” and “Aagaaz Hua, Badlav Hoga (beginning is change is done) , change will happen)” New opposite logos on the labels were arranged on the JD(U) workplace on Thursday.

Posters at the Janata Dal (United) office in Patna on Nitish Kumar

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These new posters seem to immediately take on the Prime Minister and the BJP and promote Nitish on the national stage, with derisive phrases such as “jumla” referring to “a promise of Rs 15 lakh” in the BJP, and the Prime Minister's Mann program Ki Baat Nitish repeats Kumar’s image “Sushasan Babu.” The posters about an imminent change and good governance of Nitish that are rapidly reflecting within the nation are those that appear to be wrapping him up as an alternative to Prime Minister Modi.

Poster of the year 2020. Pic / News18

in alliance with the party BJP up to the last month, posters reflected on the place JD(U) work further satisfied Kumar with politics at the state level. One such poster stated “Prakriti Aavashakta Ki Purti Karti Hai, Parantu Lalach Ki Nahi (Nature meets your desire, not your greed)”. Another stated “Nayai Ki Sath Vikas, Kanun ka Raj (Justice and Improvement, with Organization and Order)”. “Seva Hello Dharm (Service Faith)” was the message on the other. A favorite poster in JD(U) workplace surveys 2020 stated that “Nitish Sabke Hain (Nitish belongs to everyone)”.

Nitish poster till a few days ago
Poster Until several days in the past . Pic/News18

“No Void”

A prominent BJP chief in Delhi stated that the ambitions of Kumar candidate for Prime Minister were now in the open and this all along was the logical reason for ending the alliance with the BJP because there is no vacuum inside. Saffron meet. “These (new posters) are a weak attempt by him to trouble Narendra Modi which may not have resonance after JD(U)-RJD of Bihar's Class Voting Financial Institution,” the BJP chairman claimed.

Speaking to News18 In a previous interview, Union Rural Improvement Minister and BJP MP from Bihar, Giriraj Singh, stated that Nitish Kumar needs to grow to be the prime minister's candidate for the opposition. “It really started when he mentioned '2014 wale 2024 mein rahenge ki nahin'. He himself now says that many phone calls are coming to him. Nachna Hai To Gongat Kiseh, cold father khul rahenge hai, original ye tha (everything revealed) Now, that was the real reason.) Because of this he broke the alliance and wanted a face-saving case,” Singh had instructed News18.

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Nitish Kumar poster in 2020

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