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Union Housing Minister Amit Shah went to Semanchal district of Bihar, where the reaction of the ruling political events, especially Janata Dal (United) and Rashtriya Janata Dal, was sharp and questioned the motive behind his tour.

Then again, the opposition BJP Social Assembly, which had been part of the ruling government until the last month, mobilized all its assets to achieve great success in the Birnya career.

News18's Prague Mohan Singh spoke to Nityanand Rai, Minister of State (Home), about Amit Shah going to Seemanchal space, the place where All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) got a foothold Made great during the final election.

Modified excerpt:

Why is there so much fuss about Amit Shah going to Bihar?
Amazed at the growing recognition of Prime Minister Modi. Amit Shah will hold a meeting in Birnya on September 23. He will tour Semanchal space and can hold a rally on border safety on September 24, after which he will even meet with BJP leaders, legislators and core committee members.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has claimed that Shah's departure may lead to ignition of pressure inside space…
Amit Shah's tour was much delayed. The personnel were ready for him in the Seemanchal space. The BJP has been making India nice (Ek Bharat, Shrest Bharat), while Congress and the people of Mahagathbandan do the other. We are discussing about the unity and integrity of India and working for it.

Infiltration information from Bangladesh border is still coming. What is the center's technology for managing it?
The Indian authorities have a coverage that there should be no infiltration. Intrusion has decreased in the past few years. We are engaged in that and there should be no offside in the coming days. Is there a security risk?
Since Amit Shah became a house minister, the infiltration is negligible. Appeasement coverage encourages offside and regional political events help these teams.

Bihar was among the information, in particular regarding the India Broad Entrance (PFI), dreaming of building the Gajwa-e-Hind. Where did the investigation go?
I would like to inform Nitish Babu that when a nation is protected, its citizens will be protected.

Individuals understand that sedation-only coverage is not appropriate. Nitish Kumar did not favor it when a proposal was taken towards PFI.

Your powers are allegedly intentionally focused on Muslims…
The National Investigation Company has arrived

NIA) is here and Nitish Kumar is damaged. Under the cover of appeasement, Kumar provides security to these individuals. I frankly accuse Nitish Kumar.

Nitish Kumar needs to transform into a formidable leader of the opposition, desiring to make a massive entrance towards the BJP. How serious is Nitish Kumar's problem?
The unity of the opposition is not a problem for the BJP. The common people have a religion in our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People imagine that Prime Minister Modi is able to protect the united nation.

India's financial position is getting stronger. Individuals should not be disturbed by any alliance. Nitish Kumar is thirsty for energy, and his only goal is to stay on the chair.

Tejashwi Yadav challenged you, though you approached him calmly and answered with your relaxed kind. I was warned by Tejashwi (thandha kar doonga.) I am a wonderful person. He's already starting to cool me down, and soon everyone will see. I'm not a problem for anyone if they feel like it. Tegashui is talking about my farm. My great-grandfather was born there, and it is a sacred land to me.
It cannot be excluded that the sect will consider the politics of Bihar. The politics of Bihar depends on caste, but with the nation, the state is slowly realizing that caste policy is not good. During subsequent elections, there must be policies for improvement.

Are the central authorities providing sufficient assistance to Bihar as a result of your opponents' allegations of discrimination? Bihar got a large part of the amount of improvement work from the central authorities. Central authorities help Bihar in every way that can be achieved whether it is education, welfare, street etc. We cooperate everywhere…

How do you accuse the Nitish-Tchachoy authorities?
There might be a jungle all over the place at this time. Goondas occupied the driving force seat. There are murders and kidnappings for ransom every day. This proves that the authorities are corrupt. The grand coalition will be briefly rejected in the subsequent Lok Sabha elections.

Trafficking is a major flaw, what steps are being taken to stop it?
Previous governments were not interested in smuggling. After 2014, Prime Minister Modi used a special tactic to stop smuggling. There is a 90% discount in cow smuggling, even drug smuggling is declining. If state governments help, we can achieve more success.

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