Kaloa suburban railway passenger situation remains vulnerable – transcontinental events

India. MUMBAI: Regardless of a series of disturbances by members of the indigenous people, the Central Railways was unable to solve the problem of overcrowding which resulted in passengers falling off trains in Kalwa near Mumbai, which is widespread .

The town of Kalua is located within the district of Thane and the Kalua railway station is located between Thane and Mumbra station. Almost 147 rail accidents have occurred so far seven months since 90% of Kalua-Mumbra passengers are unable to board due to overcrowding. Siddesh Desai, Chief Kalua Parsik Pravasi Sanghatana (KPS) mentioned that even when they tried to climb by force, they fall. .

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Approximately 3.5 individuals reside in Kilwa, while the diversity of the Mumbra population is over 3 thousand. Most of them commute by suburban trains. However, there are no express trains that stop at Kalua and even slower trains coming from Kalyan, Badlapur and various stations, are crowded to the point where you reach Kalua.

Now as if adding to the problems of the Kalua passengers, the local express trains and outbound trains that operated earlier from the former Parsik Tunnel, are now being routed by new Kalua Deva tracks (5,6), which are mainly intended for slow trains.

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Finally, the schedule Desai mentioned that the materials have been disposed of and that local trains are 10 to 12 minutes late. In addition, the outboard trains run at full pace resulting in accidents since attributable to the curved tracks, gangsters got involved in the tracks and the natives got no time to avoid wasting themselves, he claimed. As a result, passengers wander as far as up to the Kalua car shed, from where the trains leave and head to Thane Junction, trying to catch them. However, they were prevented and even charged by the police because entry to the stand from anywhere else, besides the platform, is prohibited.

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to solve the problem, KPS has requested that the new Kalwa-Mumbra-Diva strains (5, 6) are reserved only for domestic trains and foreign mail trains must be operated on these strains. These strains are set as far as the specific postage is separated from Mumbai's local trains. Desai mentioned that if these strains are for local trains, there may be additional alternatives to run more local trains. Eat the car shed that stops for a few minutes near the eat station ready for the sign. If a platform is provided near the car shed, passengers from KAL can board the ready-made trains. By the way, there is enough house to assemble a platform, near the car shed.”

In this regard, NCP MLA and former Minister Jitendra Ohad recently held a meeting with railway officers He informed the association that as an alternative to local residents' introduction to AC, the original (non-AC compliant) trains should be running. In addition, the semi-express trains should be stopped in Kalua and Mambra.

In addition In addition, outdoor trains must run on the former Parsik Tunnel screen, as an alternative to running. On slow tracks. Outer trains emit sounds in excess of 175 dB at any time until 2.30 a.m. According to the indications of the Supreme Court schedule, the sound restriction must not exceed 45 dB in Evening Ohad added that if the outer station trains continue to violate the decibel limitation, no standby may be allowed to run on this line Monthly movement of final class value Rs 200, single-journey ticket for AC trains is Rs 200 and month-to-month transfers for AC trains up to Rs 1,800. Likewise, more than 6000 passengers travel by mo Normal tons, while no more than 600 passengers can travel by AC citizen.

The gathering was attended by Siddesh Desai, President of KPS, Nandkumar Deshmukh, President of Mumbai Suburban Rail Passengers Association, A.R. Pathan, President of Mumbra Rail Pravasi Sangh, Sudhakar Patangrao, President of Konkan Rail Pravasi Sangh and Pratibha Bangar, Pranali Mohite et al.

In response to complaints Okay Jain, CPRO, Central Railway stated that additional AC trains are being launched in accordance with Bombay excessive court hearing schedule so that passengers do not fall because entrances are closed. Dombivali station scored the best variety of AC setup passengers. But in response to the demand of Kalua passengers, 10 AC trains were changed to regular trains.

Now the number of diversified passengers has reached 41,000 passengers per day which is nearly 5,000 passengers per day in this section. The outstation trains are running on completely new tracks according to technical feasibility. The demand to provide a home platform close to the Kalua Automotive Hut is not technically feasible. He added that with the release of more locals, the problem faced by the eat passengers could be resolved.

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