Karnataka police explodes interstate drug racket, arrests 4 girls and foreigners

BENGALURU : Karnataka police on Tuesday claimed to have seized an interstate drug racket operating from the deep forests of Andhra Pradesh. Police arrested an international drug dealer and 4 girls in this case.

Metropolis Anti-Narcotics Department (CCB) confiscated eight kg of cannabis oil, 10 kg of ganja crystals and 1.4 kg of MDMA crystals worth Rs 7.80 crore in total from the accused.

In response to the police, the operation was carried out on a tip-off from the gang who had been arrested in the past at the confines of Viveknagar Police Station in Bengaluru. As per the information received, 4 girls were detained by the State Police crew near the Puttaparthi railway station in Andhra Pradesh. Car park near Puttaparthi railway station. The police seized 8 kilograms of cannabis oil and 10 kilograms of ginger. of the accused girls. Police seized 1.4 grams of MDMA crystals from his home. Kingpin manufactures hemp oil and various narcotics in the depths of the jungle and sells it to the cities of Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Mumbai. The police launched a hunt for him.

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