Kartikeya Singh, New Bihar Legislation Minister, avoids arrest in kidnapping case; CM Nitish Kumar says 'has no data'

A major controversy erupted in Bihar on Wednesday after the new powers of legislation minister Nitish Kumar, Chief Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Kartikiya Singh aka Kartik Grasp, prevented the surrender in a court filing in a kidnapping case.


Kartikeya has been identified for being close to the RJD Chairman of Bahubali Anant Singh, who is accused of kidnapping a person named Rajiv Ranjan in Patna. A case was registered against him in this regard at the Behta Police Station. Until August 16. However, on that day, he was sworn in as Treasurer in the Bihar authorities and assigned to the Ministry of Legislation. Assault on Mahagathbandhan, which includes the RJD, the Janata Dal (United), and the Congress. The saffron meeting stated that “the cabinet of Nitish Kumar authorities presents a truly appalling picture.”

“These people cannot guarantee the security and safety of the people of Bihar. How can someone hide the fact that he was wishing in a kidnapping case and sworn in as Bihar Legislative Minister. BJP Chairman Nikhil was quoted by the information company IANS. Anand as saying by the information company IANS

Sushil Kumar Modi, another BJP president and tall man – Deputy Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, additionally attacked Mahagathbandan and asked JD Chairman (U) if he wished to” Handing Bihar back to the cases of Lalu Prasad Yadav.”

“If Kartikeya Singh (RJD) had a warrant towards him, he should have surrendered. Nevertheless, he was sworn in as Minister of Legislation. I asked Nitish, is he trying to take Bihar back to like Lalu? Modi was quoted as saying by the information company ANI.

“I have no information”

Nitish, who expanded his mandate by appointing 31 new ministers on Tuesday, however, stated that he is not He has no details of the arrest warrant for Kretia.

“I have no idea, I have no details about this,” ANI reported.


Kartickeya is a Political Strategist for Chief RJD Bahubali Anant Singh. He has been associated with Anant Singh since the early 2000's and performed an important position in the 2005 assembly elections for Anant Singh. Trained by occupation, Kartickeya was elected not long ago to be an MLC on the RJD card. In 2014 an FIR of him was registered at Behta Police Station. The aggrieved had given a press release under No. 164 in the court schedule at the place where he spoke about Kartikeya's address. Police station and various police stations in Patna and nearby areas. In response, Kartikeya said, “The allegations made against me are politically influenced and have never been proven. We will take action in accordance with the legislation.”

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