Kerala man working as chef in Abu Dhabi wins Rs 1 crore lottery, 24 years after first win

Kerala man living in Abu Dhabi wins Rs 1 crore lottery

Kerala Abu Dhabi resident man wins Rs 1 crore lottery

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the main points

  • A Kerala man working as a chef in Abu Dhabi has won a lottery of 500,000 dirhams (1 crore rupees)
  • Twenty-four years ago he was shopping for lottery tickets

    Previously, he received a financial award in 1998 )

    Abu Dhabi


    An Indian resident in the UAE has won the huge ticket raffle for the second time. Saeed Ali Kanaan won a weekly digital draw of 500,000 dirhams (R 1 crore). He's been shopping for lottery tickets for twenty-four years. This is the second time he has won the lottery after he won a prize money back in 1998.

    Kanan bought his ticket on February 22nd.

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    Kerala man living in Abu Dhabi wins Rs 1 crore lottery

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