'Killing mosquitoes with a pestle': Retired Hasan Chandro decides to appeal to HC judges to release 'Savukku' Shankar

Equalizing the six-month prison sentence given to whistleblower “Safuku” Shankar in contempt proceedings of her own by the Madras Court Excessive for his comments on the Grand Judiciary using a “pestle to kill a mosquito,” retired Judge Okai Chandro pleaded with judges to invoke the order voluntarily The order to release the activist.

In a three-page opinion piece in Junior Vikatan , Bi-weekly Tamil political magazine, Judge Chandru, who is believed to be speaking out his ideas, He only mentioned pardoning Shankar, a former employee of the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC), because his remarks would improve the satisfaction of the judiciary and this 'tit for tat' is not the answer.

Shankar, as well as a beloved political commentator who works daily on Tamil YouTube channels, was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment by Justices GR Swaminathan and B Pugalendhi on September 15 for his remarks that “All Senior Judges Ari full of corruption.” He is now being held at the Central Jail in Cuddalore, 175 km from Chennai. Make sure to delete the “offensive interviews” and the article immediately.

Justice Chandro's article comes amid widespread criticism of the ruling in the contempt case by politicians across the House who cited Schenker's six-month prison sentence as a blow to the “freedom of speech” guaranteed under the structure. The Contempt of Courts Act is used by the judiciary as a defense to protect them, and Judge Chandro additionally noted calls to abolish the powers vested in courts to register defamation cases.

“In these circumstances Savukku Sh Ankar was punished for his comments he made in a YouTube interview with Judges JR Swaminathan and N Bogalindi. Shankar has an opportunity for magic in opposing this matter on the Supreme Court's agenda below Part 19. It is amazing that the justices did not invoke their powers to overturn the ruling until he (Shankar) goes in magic.” He wrote in the article.

When the sentence imposed by the Court of Justice is not closed and there is a clause for magic opposing the order, it is good for the sentence to hang.

“Otherwise, it is somewhat similar to the way The police arrest an individual over the weekend on purpose to keep him behind bars for two days. There is not much difference between the two,” stated the retiree. Hope to reform it and bring it into the mainstream.

“Courts can improve the satisfaction of the judiciary only by pardoning people and never punishing them. To invoke the powers entrusted to them just because some people speak of disease (about eradication) is like killing a mosquito with a pestle. However, there is time. It would probably be even greater if the judges voluntarily moved to withdraw Shankar’s sentence and release him from prison,” concluded Judge Chandro, who has acquitted 90,000 cases throughout his term.)

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