Kotak Mahindra Points Credit Card: Money and Buyer Sponsorship

Mumbai: Bank cards have changed to everywhere in the current occasions. They offer bonus factors, discounts, refunds, no liability in case of unauthorized use as well as the opportunity to create an excellent credit rating. There are some bank cards that have unique benefits on movies, eating, groceries or trips like Kotak bank card. You can choose one mainly based on your lifestyle needs. To get away from late fee rates, you have to make your bank card payments on time.

Ways to determine the cost of your Kotak Points Credit Card:

Cost method

Time to change the box


Mobile or Web Banking

Cellular – Instant

Internet Banking – Within 24 Hours

  • For Individuals with existing Kotak Mahindra Money Savings Account/ Account, they can log in to Internet Banking Portal, browse to Bank Cards section and go to the money portion.

    ) Choose the quantity and make the fee.

    BillDesk – WebPAY

    3 working days

  • Go to www.pgi.billdesk.com and enter your bank card details and various login credentials

      Enter Quantity


    Register Kotak Mahindra Financial Corporation as a beneficiary using the following IFSC code: KKBK0000958 to make the Kotak Bank card fee.

    ) Choose NEFT / IMPS because the fee method, enter the quantity and make the payment.


    for card holders with payments greater than Rs. 2 Lakhs, you can log in to your financial institution's internet banking portal and select RTGS due to fee mode. Make the Kotak Mahindra Financial Corporation as the beneficiary with the above IFSC code and enter the amount to be paid.

    within 24 hours )

    Above the department counter

    Check without Kotak – 5 Days

    When you click on WebPAY from time to time, you may be redirected to a portal Online banking of your financial institution.

    ) You can then log in with your buyer ID and password and authorize the transaction using OTP

      NEFT – half an hour to three days

      IMPS – Immediate

    Log in to your financial institution’s internet banking portal and go to the money exchange section

    Automatic Discount

    Executed 4 days before the due date

    You may be able to set directions for parking in your present or financial savings account by filling out a direct debit authorization form to routinely debit the quantity toward your bill when due.

    Mobile Banking

    You are likely to name the buyer's card Kotak Mahindra at 1860266 2666, select the banking possibility and ask the government shopper to switch the quantity from your account towards your bank card billing .

  • within 24 hours

    You can probably go to the nearest department in Kotak Mahindra and pay your bill with cash although this may tempt Rs. 100 + GST ​​per fee.


    Shake Cuttack – 1 Day

    You can also draw a check payable to Kotak Mahindra Financial Corporation A/C card (16 digit card quantity)

    Kotak Mahindra Credit Card Buyer Sponsorship Options

    In case of any complaint, Kotak Mahindra Financial Corporation offers various ways to contact a Customer Support Consultant equivalent to:

      telephonic call You can name 1860266 2666 for all inquiries related to your bank card at any time between 9pm to 6pm on all business days.

      Types of assistance:

  • For all inquiries related to Kotak Bank Card, use the following hyperlink: https://www.kotak.com/en/customer-service/contact-us/email-us/kotak-mahindra-bank/different.html)

  • for unresolved queries, Use the following hyperlink: https://www.kotak.com/en/vart ies/unresolved-queries.html

    SMS: You can send SMS requests to the sponsored Kotak points credit card buyer from the registered cell number to 9971056767 or 5676788. You are likely to use key phrases The following in your approved transactions by region and the last four digits of your card quantity –