Lalu Yadav: 'Lalu Bin Chalu Ee Bihar Na Hoyi': Lalu Yadav's daughter on BJP-JD's breakup (U)

After the secession of the BJP-JD (U) in Bihar on Tuesday, the daughter of former Prime Minister Lalu Prasad posted celebratory tweets referring to the Bhojpuri path, saying: “Lalu Ben Chalu e Bihar na Hoyi (Bihar can't run away) from Lalo).

Referring to the photo of RJD with the Bhojpuri track on her deal with Rohini Acharya, daughter of Lalu Prasad, she tweeted, “Together for the coronation, the lantern carriers are coming.”

The song is Bhojpuri singer Khesari Lal Yadav which was released ahead of the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections.

The track contains some strains calling for the RJD chief, Tegashwi Yadav, to turn into the president of Bihar. “Tejashwi ke bina sudhaar na hoyi (There may be no progress without Tejashwi).”

In a previous tweet, she posted a picture of her father Lalu Prasad with the phrase “Kingmaker”. “His righteousness is greater than heaven;” she said in a tweet on Twitter.

Raj Lakshmi Yadav, another one of Lalu Yadav’s daughters, also shared past photos of her father and wrote, “Polly Bihar-Tejaswi Bhava Sarakar.”

Teghashui Yadav, the head of the opposition at the meeting, aims to connect the new powers of Bihar.

Tchachwi served as Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar from 2015- 2017.

Lalu Prasad, who was convicted in the feed ripping case, is out on bail.

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