Learn more about Gov. Kemp, and Gov. Former Deal, EPD Director Dunn Announces Historic Lake Lanier Water Settlement

Atlanta, GA – Governor Brian B. Kemp – joined by ex-governor Nathan Dale; Director of Environmental Safety Rick Dunn; The original officers and representatives from the water service suppliers of the cities of Buford and Gainesville, as well as Gwinnett, Cumming, and Forsyth counties—we present at this moment the Historic Lake Lanier Water Service Settlement. More than 30 years in preparation, the settlement of this contract allows these water service providers to draw from Lake Lanier waters supplied by the year 2050.

“For the time being, we celebrate a historic compromise among the diverse events represented here to capture an important asset and future of our state – Lake Lanier,” stated Governor Brian Kemp . “After a long time of work and negotiations, we have come to a sound, meticulously developed and honest resolution for this long and slow battle of the broader so-called 'Water Wars', and I would like to thank former Governor Nathan Dale and his administration, Director Dunn and his hardworking crew, and the many other people who have contributed to this path. who took decades to make this moment possible.”

Lake Lanier is the largest reservoir in northern Georgia, and supports more than 1.5 million Resident and company in Gwinnett, Forsyth, and Boardwalk counties, as well as various components of the North Atlanta metro on its waters. provide. In January of 2021, the state submitted a contract between Georgia and the U.S. Army of Engineers to store water in Lake Lanier to meet the area's estimated municipal and industrial water supply needs, both for the near term and for their projected future needs. By signing this settlement, the various involved water service suppliers and the state's Department of Environmental Safety have completed this course.

“After a few years of hard work, hard work licensed by many events, and the steadfast effort to see it through to the end , I am very grateful to Governor Kemp for having been in a position to achieve this high quality settlement for all stakeholders,” stated former Governor Nathan Dell . “It is a victory for all Georgia, and it underscores the importance of that timeless recommendation – 'Never give up!

The Contract Settlement grants the state 254,170 acres for water storage (13% of the lake at full extents) of which suppliers are Water services are in a position to attract them.The storage price has been calculated at about $71 million, which may unfold over 30 years, along with annual operations and maintenance prices.Under Governor Kemp's administration, the state has already provided two funds toward these rates, and has allocated more than $14 million in state funds to secure this settlement.Once the funds are full, the state may have perpetual rights to water storage.

“There are so many unsung heroes who have worked on this settlement over a long period that I would like to thank, but may especially prefer to acknowledge the hard work of our attorneys, John Allen and Shelley Elhhurst, the North Georgia Metropolitan District of Water Planning, and our kind city The staff of the Environmental Safety Division, and notably our Watershed Safety Division” stated EPD Director Rick Dunn . “Without their deep experience and dedication to reaching a high-quality settlement, we may not be where we are at this moment that could win an entire era of Georgians.”

The North Georgia Urban Water Planning District provided basic scientific information and assistance in planning the events involved. A necessary word is that Metro Atlanta facilities are really using less water at this moment than twenty years in the past. Single use has declined by 30% since 2000, regardless of a major population of over 1.3 million. That's thanks to the Water Stewardship Act introduced by the Ordinary Meeting and endorsed by then-Governor Purdue, prompted by the major droughts that Georgia experienced in the late 2000s.

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