Lord Jagannath's data of more than 60,000 acres in seven states will be digitized

Data of more than 60,000 acres of land under the title of Lord Jagannath will be quickly digitized after approval by Odisha authorities, an official said.

There may be 60,426 acres of land in Odisha and 395,252 acres in six different states under the title Mahaprabhu Jagannath Bije, Managing Director of the said Shree Jagannath Temple (SJTA) VV Yadav after meeting of its management committee, chaired by Gajapati Maharaja Dibya Singha Deb of Puri.

Odisha outdoors, the most important plot of land in West Bengal – 322.930 acres, while 28.21 acres in Maharastra, 25.11 acres in Madhya Pradesh, 17.02 acres in Andhra Pradesh, 1.7 acres in Chhattisgarh and 0.27 acres in Bihar, official sources said.

the master. Yadav stated that state-run Odisha House Software Heart (ORSAC) may be given the duty to digitize land data.

The method may start after obtaining the approval of state authorities, it was reported on Tuesday.

The Administrative Committee additionally mentioned the formation of the Shri Mandir Adarsh ​​Gurukul Association for the training of child servants, and a housing project for them.

The association's registration, which may be managed by Birla Basis, has been registered with the Ordinary Inspector of Registration (IGR). Mr. Yadav noted that the IGR requested to ensure compliance and people were met.

The tender for the initial part of the boundary wall development of the Harachandi Sahi servants housing project may be opened on October 6. He noted that the temple sub-committee in Niti were allowed throughout the assembly. .

However, the Administrative Committee did not address the request to open Ratna Temple Bhandar.

“It was not on the current agenda,” said Mr. Yadav.

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