Maharashtra man held for murdering his wife and dumping a beheaded structure in a creek

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife and dumping her beheaded body in the last year in Balghar district of Maharashtra, police said on Friday. Today, Wednesday, MBVV Police arrested citizen Asif Hanif Sheikh, a resident of Nala Subara, for the murder of his wife Sania Sheikh (24) in July last year, an official said. On July 26, 2021, the decapitated body of an unidentified girl was discovered dumped in a trolley suitcase in Kalambe creek in Vasai, Chief Inspector Kalyan Karp of Vasai Police Station said. A murder case was recorded and an investigation was conducted into individual complaints reported in Mumbai, Thane, Thane Rural, Balghar and various components of the state and in neighboring Gujarat.

On August 29 this year, a girl from Beljavi in ​​Karnataka approached Ashul Police Station and complained that her granddaughter Sania Asif Sheikh, a resident of Nala Subara, had been missing for the last year, the official said. . He said the police had investigated the absence of the girl's husband, who had not bothered to file a complaint after the disappearance. They moved to the Mombra space in Thane district, the official said. During the interrogation, the police arrived here to learn that the person had killed his wife and dumped his body inside the creek after packing it in a bag.

The accused who returned from Saudi Arabia The official indicated that Al-Arabiya was suspicious of the identity of this husband, including that the accused was held in pretrial detention until September 19. The individual concerned with the crime, Assistant Commissioner of Police Padmaja Padi mentioned.

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