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Navi Mumbai : Navi Mumbai is one of the richest urban municipalities within the state. The gardens in this place please this city. But the contractors refuse to pay the gardeners who handle the gardens, and Fashi claims that the municipal authorities are supporting them. In Shivaji Maharaj Chowk, he held a protest at Bhik Mango.

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Backyard employees working in the backyard of Vashi Turbhe Nerul, Navi Mumbai Municipal Company, did not get paid for the month of August. In the case of Ganeshotsav, Commissioner Abhijit Bangar ordered salaries to be paid until August 30, 2022, however the requests have been shown to be a basket of purple ribbon. The gardener's staff asked whether or not they needed to strike every time after leaving work. So far the Knot Gardener's staff of Vashi Turbhe Nerul has started protesting Bhik Mango. Round 100 employees were present throughout the protest. Vashi Division 73, Nerul Division 60 and Turbhe Division 35 are denied wages and the employees claimed that NK Shah, Jai Bhawani Enterprises and DM Enterprises were the contractors responsible for this.

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Mangesh Lad (Chairman: Samaj Samata Kamgar Sangh): It's been 16 days now That if gardeners are late with their paychecks even by a day, their ordeal begins. If the officers do not comply with the order of the commissioner themselves, the staff will turn away. Bhik Mango protest is being organized at the moment if wages are not paid, a protest is likely to take place in front of Commissioner Abhijit Bangar's residence.

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