Many can aspire to become Prime Minister, but one aspire to grow into Pradhan Sivak: Iranian smriti

PATNA: With Nitish Kumar being presented as a possible opposition candidate for prime minister in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Iranian BJP Minister Smriti said in a veiled attack on Kumar on Sunday that those who wanted to help form the authorities were giving their notes to the prime minister Narendra Modi.

“Many can aspire to become Prime Minister, but there is only one aspiring to become Pradhan Sivak and that is Narendra Modi,” Irani stated in an indirect reference to JD(U)’s offer to Nitish Kumar, Which event leaders say has all the qualities to become prime minister.

Kumar cut his ties with the BJP and came out of the NDA to form a grand alliance with the RJD authorities and various events. The Indian model of the e-book “Modi @20 Sapne hue Sakar”, also stated, “PM Modi is now being commented on by those who want to help shape the powers. Such political opponents have limited scope and yet look to usurp energy in upcoming polls. for 2024. He stated that the focus could be on further strengthening the organization Uttar Pradesh

“Kumar is so terrified of Bihar that he brought up the idea to compete from Uttar Pradesh. They know that it will probably be difficult for them to win two seats from Bihar. His teammate directed him or supplied him with competition from Fulpur. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar mentioned Modi, whether it is Fulpur or Mirzapur or not.

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