Maui holding Rs 5L bounty, an extreme TSPC with an American weapon captured Jharkhand

A Maui with a bounty of Rs 5,000 on his head and a rebel from the TSPC security forces with advanced US weapon were arrested from Garwa and Chatra districts of Jharkhand respectively, police said Thursday.

Maoist sub-district chief Ravindra Mehta aka Chota Vyas was arrested on Wednesday from Bodhikhand village below Maghyawan Police Station in Garwa District, police said. Anjani Kumar Jha, Garhwa Police Inspector stated that the arrested Maoist was active within the border district of Bihar and Jharkhand.

“He was wanted in 16 cases in Jharkhand and Bihar. 5 full cases were recorded in Jharkhand's of Palamu district and 11 in Gaya and Aurangabad districts of Bihar towards him. He bombed Panchayat building in Madanpur Police Station in Bihar throughout the Panchayat elections in 2021,” Jha stated.

Tritia Committee Samilan Prastuti (TSPC) leader Bhiru Ganjhu alias Bhaskar alias Virappan was arrested from Kasiyatu Forest below Simariya Police Station in Chatra District with a massive cache of weapons and ammunition along with a complex US weapon on the day Wednesday, police said.

Chattra Police Chief Rakesh Ranjan stated that Ganju was wanted in more than 16 cases and was active in Chhatra, Palamu and Tihar districts of Jharkhand. The SP reported the American INSAS 15.56 mm rifle (property of the US authorities), the INSAS 5.56 rifle looted from the Jharkhand police, three magazines for the American rifle, one INSAS LMG magazine, 230 rounds of suspended cartridges and 772 rounds of bullets. Captured from TSPC too. “We are investigating how the American stealth rifle got to them,” Ranjan said.

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