Minimum taxi fare, up to Rs 3 and INR 2; union strike | Mumbai information

Mumbai: The minimum fare for black and yellow taxis within the city is set to rise by 3 while the auto rickshaw fare will rise by ₹ 2. The new fees are effective from 1 October.

Maharashtra authorities allowed the hike on Friday after a meeting with union representatives. With the minimum kaali-peeli fare going up from 25 to 28 and the car fare going up 21 to 23, the unions indicated a moratorium on the proposed strike which was due to start from the 26th of September.

The decision of the Federal Government is expected to be endorsed by the Mumbai Metropolitan Transport Authority (MMRTA) on Monday after which the appropriate decision is likely to be submitted.

Initially, the union demanded that the minimum taxi fare be revised from 25 to 35 for a distance of 1.5 how much. But the state's Transportation Minister Uday Samant said they had asked the taxi unions not to be adamant on such a steep rise. Samant advised reporters after the rally that “provided that people recover from the epidemic, such a sharp rise may place an unfair burden on the people spread out, and so they accepted our view.”

The unions had already postponed their strike on the minimum value increase twice earlier. Al Quadros, the primary secretary of the Mumbai Tax Consortium, confirmed that they decided to withdraw the strike after the state authorities allowed their calls for a fare hike.

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