MSRTC Commodity Relocation generates income of Rs 101.93 Crore in 2 years | Mumbai information

MUMBAI: Irrespective of the drop in passengers due to the pandemic, transportation of products by Maharashtra State Street Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has earned them income of 101.93 crore during the two years the last two.

In May 2020, MSRTC started the Material Transfer Initiative, which officers said turned out to be a new source of meaningful income.

To date, MSRTC has transported mangoes, fertilizers, grain meal, seeds, sugar, vegetables, building materials, industrial materials, oils, photovoltaic equipment, cement, non-hazardous chemicals, items The car, books and a lot of extra things. This facility is available in the all day market throughout the day through Maharashtra.

The company converted about 1,124 passenger buses into vans, and transported more than 8 metric tons of goods during the last two years. “There have been many cements and books that have been moved in the last two years by this material transport service. If the income of the passengers compared to the income of the products, this is not a huge improvement. However, this can be a good start for our item moving initiative, it creates Worth new income. Passenger income remains our most important revenue earner even though it's not worth it,” stated Shekhar Chani, Managing Director, MSRTC.

MSRTC has incurred losses throughout the pandemic; The number of passenger passengers has dropped to 26,000 pre-Covid 66 lakh day by day across the state. The early income of ₹ 22 crore per day earned by government transportation by passengers has been reduced to ₹ ₹ 12 crore per day. In order to assist the Product Transfer Initiative and help with income, state authorities have required various departments to submit at least 25% of product transfer requests to the MSRTC.

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