MTC drivers and conductors are looking for time beyond pay regulation for site visitor delays

Chennai: Even because the passengers of Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) are experiencing delays at bus companies as a result of crowded site visitors, MTC crew members are requesting management to pay time beyond system fares by two or two hours Overtime due to site visitors. Members will keep a graphic at the entrance to all MTC warehouses on Tuesday morning looking for time beyond the regulatory pay for working beyond stipulated business hours.

In a letter to the Managing Director of MTC, Dayanandham he stated that MTC operates more than 3000 buses per day, but it has certainly reduced the diversity of trips in a diesel-conserving route. “With increased sponsorship, MTC has brought back flights on bus routes. So all bus crew hours are delayed 1-2 hours.” “Bus drivers and conductors who operate outside the law should be paid time beyond regulation wages.”

Dayanandan mentioned that every day, many conductors attend for work but come back without work. “They need to get involved in organizing and training lessons,” he added. cases. We are working on all buses offering new wage settlement. Therefore, there is no inquiry about sending conductors back without work.

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