Mumbai: Konkan Taram, St Jude Church, Jeremire, celebrates the 30th month festival

Flora D'Souza, Jeremire

MUMBAI, Sept 17: Nearly 700 Catholic crowds gathered en masse on Sunday 11th September at St Jude Church, Jeremy to celebrate Mom Mary's birthday (Monthy Festival).

The occasion was organized by Konkan Taram, a member of the Konkani Church of St. Jude Church, Jeremire as the thirtieth month festival. The ceremony began with the bathing of children and young people with flowers, which was adopted by the Konkani liturgy. The primary celebrant was Father Valerian Fernandez SVD, parish priest Father Avin Franklin and Assistant Reverend Father John Brito.



Children and young people took an active part in the liturgy such as the readings and the choir, in addition to the cultural program are Neslin, Juvilla, Princia, Michele, Melita, Henna, Swedel, Vlacido and Nathan.

A new atom was specifically transported from Mangaluru in this event. Visiting Reverend Father Valerian, Parish Priest Father Avene, Auxiliary Priest Father John Brito, Father Naveen, Sister Sima, Sister Irene and Jean Gomez – Principal of Michael Excess School and Mercelin School, Korla were honored with bouquets of flowers.

College students who scored 70% or above in SSC during the educational year were honored with certificates, vouchers, and flower bouquets. They h have been Aanuradha, Sanctis Hazel, Patrick Miranda, Rosita, Frezzel, Roshni, Mishal Sebastian, Judy Thomas, Mary Anthony, and Nadar Jacob.

John Mascarenhas and Shaun Harris and choir band offered melodious singing and music. John Mascaren compiled the congratulatory program, and Minister Priscilla Rodriguez thanked the parish priest, sponsors, donors and all parishioners for his help and cooperation. She also thanked Walter Monteiro Bellman, Marcos D'Souza Kalyanpour, and Joseph Quadros-Nalasubara for sending the corn from Udupi.

Konkan Taram members distributed snacks, sweets, sugarcane (sponsored by Paschal Miranda) and notebooks (sponsored by child Eliane Fernandez, Mira Highway) to children and parishioners. Many devotees took half of them in the solemn Eucharist.

The Novim Zhivan program and the cultural program were held at night. The program started with a prayer dance by Konkan Taram members – Priscilla, Mershin, Severin, Anita, Meloni and Flora.

Juliana Mascarenhas was the main visitor. She opened the work by lighting a lamp with various friends. Father John Brito congratulated her with a bouquet of flowers. Merceline D'Souza, Trizza Concessio, Maria D'Costa and John Mascaren supplied bouquets to Father John Britto, Sisters and KT President Walter D'Souza.

John Mascarenhas, Lewin and choir group offered a welcome itinerary with traditional Pan Fodd and Godd udak serving Melony and Anita Fernandes – Cultural Secretary. Flora D'Souza organized dance, theater and songs. Minister Priscilla Rodriguez thanked KT Members Flora and John Mascarenhas, and Father John Brito congratulated them with a bouquet of flowers for the highest selection of sponsorship. Nofim Al Mubarak mixed with milk is served to all.

Father John Brito and Sima families expressed their appreciation to Konkan Taram Group (44 members) for this wonderful celebration of the feast which Novin Jeevan has embraced by putting in all their hard work to make the occasion a great success. , donors, youth and youth, caterers, DJ, photographer and more.

Princia Fernandez and Alicia D'Souza compiled the show They've entertained the gang by doing several video games for sports awards. .

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