Mumbai Nashik Expressway studies visitor congestion heavily; Motorists urged to take advantage of trains | Mumbai information

Heavy rains in Maharashtra prompted Thane Police to urge motorists to take advantage of railway providers as a result of heavy traffic congestion reported along Mumbai-Nashek Expressway since Thursday night.

Visitors The police claimed that the major potholes on the Saket Bridge led to a crowded pilgrimage of more than two kilometers on the road. A number of highways within the city specifically Godbandar Expressway, Gap Expressway and Mumbai Nashik Expressway. For motorists to take advantage of the railways and to stay off the roads where possible, as major visitors of the day cannot be negated. We try to deal with visitors all over the city; However, the constant rain will worsen the scenario,” official deal with the visitor police shared on Twitter.

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MRT has been closed to visitors congestion on each side of the Mumbai-Nashik Expressway since Thursday night.

Datta Kamble, The Deputy Commissioner of Police, reminded the visitors, “There is a large queue for cars extending for 1.5 km to 2 km along the Mumbai Nashik Expressway. Crowded exits to Mancoli due to the dangerous situation at the Saket and Kargoon bridges. We have now asked the relevant authorities to fill in the pits as there is no such thing as a different way to ease the congestion. They assured that just as quickly as the rain takes breaths for even a few hours, these potholes can be repaired. Lots of visitors.

“I used to be on my way to the airport to drop off my family members on Thursday night, when it took us 4 hours to get to the airport from Tata Amantra in Kalyan. Among those 4 hours we were caught in Thane for 3 hours The same. We were afraid of not having the flight. There were visitors from the police and yet they were waving inexperienced flags at the motorists, and there was no traffic for visitors for nearly an hour along the Mumbai-Nashek Expressway, and many of the stretches were full of potholes.”

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