Mumbai railway stations get Meghdoot machines that convert water vapor into drinkable water

Narendra Modi in his address repeatedly reminds the people of India of innovation facility. He believes that innovation is the important thing to realize the dream of a new India. In accordance with this concept, Indian Railways has placed 'Meghdoot' machines at Dadar, Thane and various stations within the Mumbai division. Meghdoot's signature machine converts water vapor into drinkable water using revolutionary knowledge that is only out-of-the-box.

Megdot machines – drinking water converted from water vapor

A contract for the construction of 17 “MEGHDOOT” atmospheric water generating kiosks over the Mumbai Central Railway Division under NINFRIS coverage for a period of 5 years, reportedly awarded Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd. , the official said. Megadoot units use the revolutionary knowledge to show water vapor in drinking water which is potable water. A tool called an atmospheric water generator (AWG) is used to extract water from the surrounding air. To draw water vapor from the surroundings, this tactic uses the science of condensation.

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