Mumbai to shower till the end of the week; Heavy rain at night in Chennai

Climate change: With Delhi now returning to its normal summer season, the climate of southern India is taking unfamiliar turns. After the monsoons bid farewell a few days back within the national capital, some components of UP are beginning to get well clear skies.

Now within the latest alternate climate of IMD, Northeast India and South Peninsular India will proceed to receive precipitation for an additional number of days. The southwest monsoon has shifted backwards from Punjab and Chandigarh. While the various major components of the nation have regressed well.

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Since the withdrawal of the monsoon itself From Delhi – NCR, Rajasthan, UP, The sky is likely to be usually clear with little chance of rain.


Light showers are expected in the city. Matching local weather is expected to end through the end of the week. The pleasant climate will continue throughout the day but there may be a risk of rain with thunderstorms in remote areas after night.

North India

Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and components of Rajasthan are expected to have a transparent climate. Maximum temperatures will remain within 30 to 35 levels. SC criticizes the government. To be late

Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh

This is from It is expected to get light to moderate rain. Remote areas can report some heavy rain along with beautiful local weather.

Jharkhand, West Bengal

With cyclonic circulation within the region, these countries are expected to get Heavy rain. Sikkim is well included in the registry.

South India

Scattered rain is expected in southern India. The climate of Tamil Nadu is prone to shifting by night.

Northeast India

There is a risk of sunshine rain within sister states such as Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland , Mizoram and others within the region.

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