Mumbai's deadly roads: 341 accidents in 48 black spots | Mumbai information

MUMBAI: The city tops the record for black spots on internal roads within the state, according to the information recently released by the Maharashtra Highway Visitors Police. Mumbai was among the 44 districts studied by the department. There are 48 black spots, which embrace stretches with treacherous potholes, under the jurisdiction of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Company (BMC). Navi Mumbai comes second with 32 black points, Nagpur adopted it with 23 points.

The Visitors Department has scheduled 341 accidents during 48 black points resulting in 109 deaths between 2019 and 2021. Octroi Naka, is basically the most serious. Eleven people, along with 52-year-old ration shop owner Bandrinath Chavan, misplaced their lives here earlier this year.

On January 10, 2021, Chavan set out for a combined morning walk at 6:15 am, along the highway approaching Naka. When he did not return until 7:30 pm, his wife and son Prateek, 25, panicked and went to look for him. Once they reached his traditional place, they found that he had been run over by an unidentified car and the driving force had escaped.

Later, policemen at Mancord Police Station informed Prateek that his father died in a hit-and-run accident.

“I was newly married at the time. My father had taken a mortgage of 3 lakh for marriage. said Prateek, who works as a boy in the workplace In BARC, “He was the only breadwinner and after his untimely death I needed to pay off the mortgage as well as support my family.”

Three days later, when he was arrested, Momentum Force stated that his car brakes had It broke down. His declaration was unfaithful, as he later found on inspection that the car was in good condition. On further investigation, the accused revealed that he was feeling drowsy at the time and that he had hit the splitter before jumping to the other side of the highway Chavan was driving on.

Chavan nevertheless continues to envy the companies executing the legislation, because the driver set off three days after his arrest because the part under arrest was available for bail. “We are nonetheless ready for justice,” said Pratek. and solutions to search for the reason why my father was kidnapped from us just because of the mistake of someone sitting behind the wheel of a car.”

While addressing the Eleventh Council of the State Street Security Council at Zuwar Sahyadri House in January 2022, he directed Transport Commissioner Anil Parab officers are making saving lives a priority while planning new highway security measures for this year.

Additional Director General of Police (Highway Visitors) Kulwant Sarangal stated, “We collect and confirm the black point record and ship it to the relevant authorities for short or long-term measures to correct these spots.” He added that the concerned authorities are looking into the points and discovering the explanations for the accidents, after which steps are taken to correct the black spots.

Raj Tilak Roshan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Visitors), stated that accidents and fatalities in Mumbai have decreased due to the past few years due to actions taken by visitors police and authorities backing the roads, “A variety of crashes have proven “We are currently working towards bringing it down,” Roshan said.

Piyush Tiwari, CEO and founder of SaveLIFE Basis, was simply not happy with the announcement by federal government officials. He stated: “The tragic death of Cyrus Mistry once again highlights how harmful our roads are. In 2021, more than 1.55 thousand people were killed in highway accidents across India. Each accident must be seen in two different instructions: the cause of the crash and the cause of the damage within the accident. Sixty percent of all fatal accidents are attributed to impulsiveness. Not using seat belts and colliding with exposed heavy structures along the highway are key components of the damage. plays key roles.”

Tiwari felt that this and many other incidents occur on a daily basis. In such incidents and incidents, a mass marketing campaign and training are completed to ensure greater compliance with safety requirements.

Ajay Goval, Director, Neighborhood Impression, United Method Mumbai, a non-governmental organization working to solve highway security problems, spoke in the same vein. There are a number of points that put the mean Mumbaikar on the specter of collapse, as it is famously conducted. NGO research in collaboration with IIT-Bombay in 2020.

In response to the research, most accidents in Mumbai occur due to excessive speed.In addition, Govale insisted that almost all accidents due to excessive speed occurred throughout Weekend Research In addition, signs indicating speed limits, diagonal crash zones or forward cross sections were missing on Mumbai roads.

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