Navi Mumbai: A 60-foot-tall flamingo clone created from collected waste! | Navi Mumbai 60 feet flamingo clone created from collected waste Amy 95 IG Information

With the participation of the eco-loving residents of Navi Mumbai, called “Flamingo Metropolis”, the Swachta Association of India has carried out a marketing campaign in Kandalvan Swachhta within the huge bay area near Palm Seaside. Over 200 representatives of Mangroves Soldier, Jayashree Basis, Divine Basis, and various organizations frequently participated in cleanliness and preparation, as well as NCC students from schools and well aware residents.

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This Kandalvan Swachhta Marketing campaign was organized by the powerful Waste Department and Swachh Maharashtra Mission Cell of the Municipal Corporation. TA Chanakya gathered at Pambeach Marga within the Shiva Mandir neighborhood and cleaned up the Kandal forest and the world there. More than 450 kg of waste collected here included various items such as thermocol, plastic bottles, bottles, shoes, boots, cans, oil cans, several types of luggage, plastic, and things from fishing nets. All this collected waste was entered en masse in the open area there.

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A particularly important aspect of this is that after the trash was brought into the open area, representatives of Kishore Vishwas Arts painted Sanstha, which creates creative objects and sculptures out of waste scraps, 60 feet long and 32 feet wide. A huge flamingo made together drawing on the bottom. By identifying a part of this flamingo, the type of waste that had to be placed was deliberately put in advance. Accordingly, a selected type of waste was placed from the collected waste in a selected area of ​​the flamingo specimen and an exquisite copy of a flamingo was created at the bottom. It is a concrete example of how a sustainable idea can be created from waste if a little creativity is used while cleaning.

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