New details have been revealed about the world's first official Doraemon retailer

As launched in September, the world's first official Doraemon retail store is scheduled to open on December 1, 2019 at the Diver Metropolis in Odaiba, Tokyo. The opening coincides with necessary milestones that the beloved group is celebrating this year and beyond: the anime began airing on Japanese TV 40 years ago in April, and 2020 will mark 50 years since the manga was first serialized.

Introducing … Reputation and Branding

Now, in a new press release, we've discovered additional details regarding An official retailer, starting with the definition, “Doraemon Future Division Retailer” (ド え も ん 未来 ー ー ー ト Doraemon Mirai Debato in Japanese).

This is the official brand:

What is inside the retailer?

Retailer Doraemon Future Division will not only promote items, but may also offer a trial-paid shopping experience. With their in-store experiences, “customers will really feel as if they are using the flagship devices that look within the Doraemon range.”

The store will likely be divided into three areas, the Secret Gadget Lab, the Personalization Area and the Store District.

After passing through the entrance space, you will discover Secret Gadget Lab (ひ み つ 道具 ラ ボ himitsu dogu labo ) an attraction It's the place where you can check out Doraemon's secret devices and look at their options (?!) for yourself.

Later, you will reveal the customization area (カ ス ト マ ズ ゾ ー ー ン) where you can create unique and highly personalized Doraemon items.

Finally, within the Store District, the unique Doraemon Future Division Retailer will discover unique items and a full range of Doraemon merchandise.

Stay tuned for more details quickly.

Store Info

Intervention: 東京 都 江東 区 青海 1-1-10 ダ イ ー ー シテ ィ 東京 ラ ザ 2F 2170 区 画 (Area 2170 2F Diver Metropolis Tokyo 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku)

Vacations: Similar to Diver Metropolis

Does retailer Doraemon Future Division sound like a slick to work in? They are hiring full-time, contract and part-time workers, so you should head over to their job site right here.

Presentation: Public Relations Events

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